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School of Health Sciences

  • Department of Nursing: Restarted as Faculty of Nursing in the School of Medicine(2018 Spring)
  • Department of Social Work: Restarted as Department of Health Management in the School of Health Studies (2018 Spring)

Key features

  1. Acquire knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment that benefits from ties with the School of Medicine and local welfare facilities
  2. Become a professional in the field with a broad outlook through an expansive curriculum offered by one of Japan's leading universities
  3. Elective subjects include overseas internship programs at health, medical and welfare facilities in the United States and Europe

Message from the Dean

Professor Tomoko Kutsuzawa

  • Department: Nursing
  • Specializations: Internal medicine of the respiratory system

The Undergraduate School of Health Sciences consists of the Department of Nursing, which is geared toward the acquisition of national qualifications in hospital nursing and public health nursing, and the Department of Social Work, which is geared toward the acquisition of national qualifications in social work, mental health and nursing care. In order to improve the quality of life for people with illnesses or disabilities it is important to have a sense of humanity and warmth and a broad education in addition to possessing specialized knowledge and skills, based on the common keyword of a work influencing the lives of people. With the benefits of a campus that operates in conjunction with Tokai University Hospitals as well as direct access to the considerable resources of Tokai University, you can embark on a secure career as a specialist in the health care and welfare sector.

Admission criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study along with an appreciation of and desire to attain the educational objectives of the Undergraduate School of Health Sciences as follows. The academic discipline known as health science is concerned with people, and in particular the human soul. The Undergraduate School of Health Sciences aims to produce professionals in the health care, medical and social work sectors who are equipped with practical human care skills predicated on respect for basic human rights, communication skills based on warmth and empathy, a sense of humility and a broad education. Students also learn how to work effectively as part of a team of professionals with different skill sets, and acquire the capacity for autonomous study and the ability to perform in Japan and overseas.

Department of Social Work

Key features

  1. Human empathy and social work competencies
  2. Preparation for national qualifications
  3. Action based on calm and reasoned analysis

A diverse range of subjects designed to teach flexibility and resilience and the skills necessary to contribute to society

Department of Social Work

There are many heart-rending social stresses and issues in society, such as child abuse, homelessness, and deaths that go unnoticed. The Department of Social Work equips graduates with the skills to address these sorts of issues. In addition to specialist studies, students receive a broad education in a range of general subjects, which is designed to encourage motivation and enthusiasm for taking action. The curriculum features a strong emphasis on individualized instruction, with small classes and seminar presentations. There are also many tie-ups with the various medical departments of Tokai University and the affiliated hospital at Isehara campus. Fourth year students have access to a variety of support services in preparation for the national examination.