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School of Law

Key features

  1. Choose from an expansive range of subjects to design a curriculum to suit your interests and aspirations
  2. Coordinated learning support programs in first year, such as Planning Your Career in Law
  3. Wide range of specialized subjects designed to prepare students for a variety of careers, from practicing law to working in private industry

Message from the Dean

Professor Takashi Tsukamoto

  • Department: Law
  • Specializations: International law

At the School of Law, everyone starts from exactly the same point. Wonderful opportunities await you irrespective of your past academic results and test standards, provided that you have the commitment and the desire. Our primary aim is to inculcate the next generation of legal minds with a strong sense of independence and a sound moral framework. Four years of university study can seem a long time, but in many ways it is not long enough. Your role is to study hard, have a good time, and get involved with clubs and activities as well as volunteer groups. Our role as instructors is to ensure that you get the most out of your time at university as a step to the future.

Admission criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study along with an appreciation of, and desire to attain, the learning objectives of the School of Law as follows. The School of Law strives to develop graduates who are able to utilize legal elements and capabilities to pursue their own personal growth as individuals while at the same time using these activities to contribute to the organization, company or local community to which they belong, in turn contributing to Japan and the international community. In particular, graduates acquire the ability to process proposals and issues predicated on a “legal mind" and legal elements and learn how to act in an autonomous and independent manner with a sense of responsibility in modern society predicated on respect for others and adherence to the basic principles of human rights.

Department of Law

Key features

  1. Legal mind
  2. Ability to analyze and address issues
  3. Global perspective

Develop three core skills to perform as a professional in Japan and overseas

Department of Law

The only mandatory subjects are introductory basic legal subjects. There is a wide range of specializations to choose from, including public law and criminal law. A “legal mind" that is applicable to all scenes in the business community, the ability to analyze and identify ways to tackle social issues, and a deep knowledge of the laws of many foreign countries as well as other areas such as international law and international economic law as well as a global perspective for the purpose of resolving increasingly international legal conflicts. The Department of Law seeks to provide a fundamental grounding for the legal experts of the future and to develop professionals equipped with these three capabilities.