TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

The Marine Geology Laboratory has four main research areas: 1) natural disaster geology (volcanoes, tsunamis, and landslides), 2) disaster prevention geology (active faults and earthquakes), 3) resources geology (hydrothermal deposits), and 4) instrument development for underwater observation (subaerial stereo camera system to measure size underwater, and dredger with video camera).ResearchAreasInterdisciplinary science and engineeringKeyword■Marine geology■Geo-environment■Marine-GIS■Economic geology■Submarine volcanologyRelatedresearchSDGNatural disasters and resource geology based on marine spatial informationProfessorIzumi SakamotoUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Marine and Earth ScienceBasic research on aquaculture of aquatic organisms. Specically, it is a study on seedling production, breeding, feed and aquaculture technology on land. As a sh species that I have dealt with, Bluen tuna, Filesh, Japanese ounder, Red sea bream, Salmonids sh, Ice goby, Seahorse, Octopus, Oval squid, Oyster and Pearl oyster.These technologies are also utilized the conservation of freshwater shes such as bittering.ResearchAreasAgricultural sciencesKeyword■Aquaculture■Fish farming■Breeding■Feed■ConservationRelatedresearchSDGPropagation and cultivation of shesProfessorNobuhiko AkiyamaUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Fisheries - Applied Biological Science courseEpibenthic surveys in Suruga Trough, Suruga Bay have conducted by the T/V Hokuto (Tokai University, 18t). Sampling stations are three, the northern part of Ugusuoki Gorge (depth ca. 1,400–1,600m), middle part of Ugusuoki and Senoumi Gorges (ca. 1,600–1,700 m), and southern part of Senoumi Gorge (ca. 1,900–2,200m). All of collection gears for the epibenthic layer are originally designed. The collected larvae and adults has revealed many early developments and close species of deep-sea demersal shes. To date, 12 new species has been described.ResearchAreasBiologyKeyword■Fishes■Taxonomy■Early development■Ontogeny■Dee-sea shesRelatedresearchSDGOntogeny and systematics of deep-sea demersal shesProfessorAtsushi FukuiUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Fisheries - Applied Biological Science course99

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