TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

I study the distribution and trophic relationships of small cetacean populations living in the waters around Japan. I am currently studying the distribution of whales in Suruga Bay, the population structure of killer whales in the waters around Hokkaido, and the diet of small toothed whales off the Kii Peninsula. The purpose of my research is to elucidate little known life of small toothed whales in the seas around Japan, and to clarify the structure of the marine ecosystem around us.ResearchAreasBiologyKeyword■Marine ecology■Cetacean biology■Marine mammal■EcosystemRelatedresearchSDGEcological studies of small toothed whales o JapanProfessorHiroshi OhizumiUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Marine BiologyMy research interests are mainly on the biology and ecology of marine zooplankton, especially gelatinous zooplankton. I have published a series of papers on the biology and ecology of pelagic tunicates and jellysh. My works are now extending to those on jellysh sheries and ecology of edible species in Southeast Asian countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand) with international collaborators. Recent my papers include a discovery of new species of edible jellysh in Indonesia, as well as methods in extracting collagen from commercially important jellyfish. I have also studied on the community structures of various meso/macrozooplankton, including copepods and euphausiids in the various parts of the world oceans (north Pacific, tropical regions, Southern Ocean). After tragic accidents in Fukushima nuclear power plants in 2011, I starts working on Fukushima-derived radionuclides accumulated in marine food-webs, together with international collaborators and led several research cruises in the water near Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plants as the principal investigator. Recently, we published a new species of parasitic copepods in Suruga Bay, Japan.ResearchAreasBiologyKeyword■marine zooplankton■Jellysh■Southeast Asia■Gelatinous zooplankton■BiologyRelatedresearchSDGBiology and ecology of zooplanktonProfessorJun NishikawaUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Marine BiologyWe develop expertise in applying Operations Research techniques to logistics problems, particularly in the container transport system. The goal is to advance the knowledge and assist the industry to improve management considering economic and environmental aspects. In these several years, we are interested in empty container management problem, owing to trade imbalances in the global level.Our research interests are as follows: 1 ) Repositioning of empty container by containerships 2 ) Economic viability of foldable containers 3 ) Ship deployment and relevant issues in container shippingResearchAreasEngineeringKeyword■Logistics■Transportation■Cargo Shipping■Maritime Economics■Operations ResearchRelatedresearchSDGOptimization problems on maritime logistics and transportationProfessorKoichi ShintaniUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Navigation and Ocean Engineering - Navigation course101

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