TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

It is said that about half of the couples who wish to become pregnant have a male cause, and about 70% of them are caused by spermatogenesis disorder of unknown cause. I have been conducting basic research on the testes from the immunological and environmental medical aspects. Recently, I have been analyzing the eects on the testis when exposed to pesticides, which have a potential to aect the environment. Pesticides are not only related to science elds (medical science, environmentalology, etc.), but also humanities elds (sociology, economics, etc.). By looking at it from various perspectives, I hope to contribute to improving QOL.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Anatomy■Andrology■Environmental Medicine■Reproductive ImmunologyRelatedresearchSDGAnatomical physiology of the male urogenital systemAssociate ProfessorHayato TerayamaUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine CoursePreviously, I cloned some genes whose expression was immediately changed after experimental seizure in mouse brain. Further assay demonstrated these molecules play an important role in cell division, dierentiation and survival. One of these clones, termed SEZ-12 gene, encodes a membrane protein which regulates TGF-signaling activity during chondrocyte differentiation. Furthermore, human homolog of SEZ-12 gene encoding within 22q11.2 deletion region found in patients with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Since the SEZ-12 gene knockout mice showed maxilla-facial malformation after weaning, which is also noticed in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, I'm exploring the mechanisms which could normalize maxilla-facial abnormalities by controlling SEZ-12 in skull base chondrocytes.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Maxillofacial formation■22q11.2 deletion syndrome■Skull base■Chondrocyte dierentiation■Dental stressRelatedresearchSDGMolecular analyses for normalization of maxillofacial development by exploring mechanisms on chondrocyte dierentiation in skull baseJunior Associate ProfessorKagemasa KajiwaraUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine CourseSubstantial improvements in cancer treatment have resulted in longer survival and increased quality of life in cancer survivors, with minimized long-term toxicity. However, infertility and gonadal dysfunction continue to be recognized as adverse effects of anticancer therapy. In particular, alkylating agents and irradiation induce testicular damage that results in prolonged azoospermia. To lead to an availability of therapy on male infertility after cancer treatment, elucidate the immunological mechanisms underlying aspermatogenesis by cancer treatment could be helpful.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword□Reproductive immunology□Spermatogenesis■Oriental medicine■Anti-cancer treatmentRelatedresearchSDGEects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on spermatogenesisJunior Associate ProfessorQu NingUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine Course109

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