TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

The first research theme is cancer research. Cancer cells overcome severe microenvironmental stress such as hypoxia and low nutrients, thereafter, invade and metastasize. Since we believe that adaptation to microenvironmental stresses are necessary for the malignant transformation of cancer, and we are working on the development of prevention methods for cancer progression.The second is next-generation eects using animal models. We are developing research on higher brain function and toxicity evaluation using Tokai High Avoider (THA) rats, which are highly learning ability model animals developed by us.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Cancer research■Metabolism■Toxicology■Environmental medicineRelatedresearchSDGElucidation of cancer malignant mechanism, and examination of next-generation eects of environmental factorsJunior Associate ProfessorHitoshi EndoUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Basic Clinical Science and Public Health CourseWe are studying the pathophysiological role of bile acids. Bile acids not only play an important role in intestinal absorption of dietary fat and fat-soluble vitamins, but also regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism through bile acids receptors such as FXR and TGR5. Bile acids are a molecule connecting liver and intestine via interaction with microbiome in the way of enterohepatic circulation. Intrahepatic cholestasis occurs when bile ow is interrupted in the liver. This disease can be fatal, but the molecular mechanism remains unknown. We are focusing on how bile ow is regulated and pursuing the molecular mechanism of intrahepatic cholestasis.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Cholestasis■Bile acid■Liver disease■Bilirubin■TransporterRelatedresearchSDGResearch on bile acid and cholestasisProfessorTatehiro KagawaUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Medical Science CourseArterial thrombosis such as myocardial infarction is the leading cause of death in the world. Blood cell of platelet play crucial roles for the onset the arterial thrombosis, but the detailed mechanism of platelet for arterial thrombosis is yet to be clarified. Our group conducted wide range of research from atomic movement to the clinical trials to overcome the problems of atherothrombosis.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Cardiology■Thrombosis■Platelet■Articial intelligence■Computer scienceRelatedresearchSDGPrevention and Understanding the Mechanism of AtherothrombosisProfessorShinya GotoUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Medical Science Course113

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