TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Our research focuses on developing treatment methods for dicult to treat cartilage defects in the aim of regenerating hyaline cartilage that better supports the mechanistic function of normal joints. Through our clinical trials, our current focus is to further determine the potential of chondrocyte sheets for the treatment of cartilage defects associated with Osteoarthritis (OA) and to make this treatment available clinically. Furthermore, we continue our work in basic and translational research in the hopes that it will lead to a fundamental and overall treatment for OA so as to contribute to the increase in ADL and QOL of patients through the preservation of one’s own joints. URL:, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Regenerative medicine■Orthopaedic surgery■Articular cartilage repair■Cell sheet technology■Platelet rich plasmaRelatedresearchSDGRealization of cartilage regeneration by cell sheet accelerating joint treatmentProfessorMasato SatoWe try to improve patient care and treatment, and we are developing drugs with other commercial companies, conducting clinical trials, and conducting translational research. Further we involved in the NCD-Breast cancer registry in Japan, and is currently working on the creation of a database of advance breast cancer.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Breast cancer■Clinical Trial■Translational researchRelatedresearchSDGClinical and Translational research in Breast CancerProfessorNaoki NiikuraGastric cancer patients require various forms of gastrectomy, which is the surgical removal of a portion or all of the stomach. The anatomical changes that result after gastrectomy decrease meal intake, followed by a decrease in the amount of muscle and fat, which leads to weight loss. The mechanism of malabsorption include various factors. However, the eects of factors cannot be evaluated with a simple unied method because of dierences in the various methods of gastric resection and reconstruction. Our attempts have been made to identify factors that should be considered to maintain better postoperative quality of life following gastrectomy.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Gastric cancer■Operation■Multidisciplinary therapy■Functional evaluation■Quality of lifeRelatedresearchSDGFunctional evaluation for various methods of gastrectomy and reconstruction for gastric cancerProfessorEiji NomuraUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Surgical Science CourseUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Surgical Science CourseUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Surgical Science Course115

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