TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

The active ingredient of the essential oil (Clary sage oil) used for menopause is sclareol, but it was unknown whether it was absorbed transdermally or not. We have shown that sclareol is transdermally absorbed and accumulated in the liver using GC-MS. Currently, we are studying whether the inammatory eects of jojoba oil and essential oils suppress inammation that leads to exercise-induced muscle damage.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword■Complementary and alternative medicine■inammation■nursing■aromatherapy■animal experimentsRelatedresearchSDG・ Eects of Topical Application of Jojoba and Wintergreen Oil on Exercise-Induced Inammation in Mice・Acute Eects of Transdermal Administration of Jojoba Oil on Lipid Metabolism in MiceJunior Associate ProfessorYutaka MatsumotoUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of NursingI study about collaboration between public health and occupational health. The collaboration of both has a big inuence on the making of health and wellness of people, rich life. Particularly, I think that collaboration between public health nurses and occupational health nurses are indispensable. The occupational health nurses working on advanced collaboration has much competencies of collaboration. I claried the current situation and competencies of occupational health nurses who collaborate with public health services, and factors related to those competencies of Japan.ResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeyword□Competency■Occupational health nurse□Collaboration□Public health services■Collaboration between public health and occupational healthRelatedresearchSDGCompetencies of occupational health nurses who collaborate with public health services and related factorsNation-wide Research on Current Status and Related Factors of the Collaboration with Occupational Health Services by Public Health Nurses Working for Municipality Junior Associate ProfessorYuko MitsuhashiUndergraduate School of MedicineFaculty of NursingWe developed an “Occupational Health Nursing Manual for Public Health Collaborations”. This manual consists of collaboration method with public health and several collaboration case in detail. Moreover, we held an occupational health nursing workshop focused on promoting the competency of collaborations using this Manual.121

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