TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

We, lab members of the Functional Food Chemistry, are working for findings of functional usefulness of (i) the local foodstus and traditional herbal plants; e.g. yacon, soft rush, moringa and their herbal teas, produced especially at Kyushu Kumamoto in Japan. Anti-proliferative eects of various domestic/imported cheeses in a leukemic cell model have been studied as well. In addition, our research group is now focusing on clarifying (ii) the physiological role of sulfate-conjugation by cytosolic sulfotransferase upon Phase-II drug metabolism, and functional implication of the sulfated metabolites from food or drug origin.ResearchAreasAgricultural sciencesKeyword■Functional food■Antioxidant■Health food■Drug metabolism■SulfationRelatedresearchSDGFundamental Study for Functionality of (i) Exclusive Local Foodstus and (ii) Sulfate Conjugates upon Food/Drug MetabolismProfessorShin YasudaUndergraduate School of AgricultureDepartment of BioscienceLactic acid bacteria (LAB) are common microbes used in fermented foods such as yogurt, cheese, and pickles. In our laboratory, the functionalities of LAB and various fermented foods are investigated. For example, the adhesion mechanisms of LAB to host, biosorption ability of LAB to heavy metals, and functionality of cheese and soymilk yogurt have been investigated in vitro and in vivo. Nowadays, we also interested in the functionality of small RNAs and microvesicles (MVs). We believe that new functional fermented foods can be created by using the selected LAB.ResearchAreasAgricultural sciencesKeyword■Lactic acid bacteria■Fermented food■Functional cheese■Soymilk yogurtRelatedresearchSDGFunctionality of lactic acid bacteria and development of fermented foodsJunior Associate ProfessorHideki KinoshitaUndergraduate School of AgricultureDepartment of Bioscience125

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