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We try to grasp the impact of the Olympics on the local community as one of the "Olympic legacies" from the perspective of the residents' everyday lives who continue to live in the host city that is most aected by hosting the Olympic games.Besides, because the Olympic Games is an event that promotes large-scale urban reconstruction and redevelopment, and has a great influence on city planning as a future design to improve the lives of residents living in the city, we are discussing the relationship between urban planning and the Olympic Games, and the position of it in urban planning.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeyword■Olympic Legacy■Community Development■City Planning■FieldworkRelatedresearchSDGThe basic structure of social life in Olympic CityJunior Associate ProfessorShun UetaUndergraduate School of International Cultural RelationsDepartment of Community DevelopmentMy research focus is English language teaching which nurtures autonomous learners in an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) context. I have developed teaching materials utilizing language tasks, which are designed to promote second language acquisition. I believe that creating opportunities for learners to actively engage in tasks is crucial. My research interests also cover the eld of language teaching curricula and teacher training programs in other countries. I have been researching English education and textbooks in Taiwan and the national curriculum for languages in Australia. I seek insights from practices in other countries to improve English teaching here in Japan.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeyword■Language Teaching□TBLT□Learner Autonomy□Teacher TrainingRelatedresearchSDGResearch on Language Teaching in an EFL ContextProfessorRie SugiuraUndergraduate School of International Cultural RelationsDepartment of International CommunicationsI have been excavating archaeological sites mainly in northern Japan and the Russian Far East. Based on the analysis results of animal bones, bone tools and animal design relics excavated from the sites, I am working to elucidate past livelihoods, eating habits, animal views, and cultural exchanges.ResearchAreasHumanitiesKeyword■Archaeology (Northeastern Asia)■ZooarchaeologyRelatedresearchSDGArchaeological study on animal utilization in Northeast AsiaAssociate ProfessorSachiko UchiyamaUndergraduate School of International Cultural RelationsDepartment of Design and Culture128

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