TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

I am studying various problems related to sheries and aquaculture from an ecological point of view. Specically, for marine invertebrates living in shallow water areas such as seaweed beds, tidal ats, and estuaries, I conduct eld surveys and rearing experiments to investigate the life history, population dynamics, community structure, biological production, and response to the environment. Then, based on the results, I aim to propose the suitable measures for sheries and aquaculture.ResearchAreasAgricultural sciencesKeyword■Fisheries Science■Aquaculture■Marine Ecology■Bivalve■EchinodermsRelatedresearchSDGEcological study on aquaculture and biological production of marine invertebratesProfessorIzumi SakuraiUndergraduate School of Biological SciencesDepartment of Marine Biology and SciencesThe coastal region is important on the environment of shing ground. Moreover, this place becomes juvenile habitat and spawning grounds. However, there is an adverse eect in the environment by the ood of the muddy waters in the coastal region. The river ood has the advantage (supply of the nutritive salt) and the disadvantage (Inuence of shing ground by the muddy water) for the coastal ecosystem. Therefore, a scientic evaluation is necessary. I clarify these evaluations by the field observation and the numerical calculation.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeyword■Fishery engineering■Coastal engineering■Coastal environmentRelatedresearchSDGInuence of a river ood on the benthic-pelagic ecosystem in coastal environmentAssociate ProfessorMasami OhashiUndergraduate School of Biological SciencesDepartment of Marine Biology and Sciences131

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