TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

My research interest includes the eects of the use of media, such as television, video games, and social media, on learning and personality. Recently, I became interested in the eects of media-multitasking during learning, especially on positive (contributing to learning) and negative (interfering with concentration and comprehension) outcomes. In addition, I investigated the psychological factors that motivate users to post and diuse disaster-related information on social media. For the eective use of disaster information, our research group conducted workshops to provide education on the responsible use of social networking sites, such that they can contribute to the community.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeyword■Media psychology■Educational technology■Media multitasking■Social media■Disaster educationRelatedresearchSDGSocial psychology on the eects of media use by children and youthAssociate ProfessorSachi TajimaCenter / Research Institute, etc.Center for Liberal Arts"Sustainability" has become a globally shared vision, but its concept still remains vague, allowing conflicting interpretations. In reality, such conflicts are often neglected and decisions are made based on the interpretation by those in power. For creating a truly sustainable, resilient, and equitable society, we need to facilitate dialogues to face and overcome such conflicts, finding common ground among different views and values. Education plays a critical role in empowering people to join and facilitate such dialogues. Based on this understanding, my current research interest lies in how education can empower people as active citizens to realize true dialogues for sustainability.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeyword■Education for Sustainable Development■Environmental Education■Community Education■Higher Education■DialoguesRelatedresearchSDGEducation for Sustainability Dialogues - Empowerment of Citizens to Create a Sustainable SocietyAssociate ProfessorSachi Ninomiya-LimCenter / Research Institute, etc.Center for Liberal ArtsSeveral problems have been identied in education of "Culturally Linguistically Diverse Children". In particular, maintaining their native language and delays in learning subjects are considered to be the primary issues. My research focuses on two themes: the rst is the ideal way of learning a subject using one’s native language, and the second is the development of human resources for that purpose. It is important to see the extent to which school teachers and native supporters learn and grow through their educational practices.ResearchAreasHumanitiesKeyword■Culturally Linguistically Diverse Children■Native language■Learning subjects■School teacher■Native supporterRelatedresearchSDGGrowth and Development of teachers and native supporters for teaching Culturally Linguistically Diverse ChildrenJunior Associate ProfessorKouko TakanashiCenter / Research Institute, etc.Center for Liberal Arts135

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