TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

It is acknowledged that the economic ripple eect of tourism industry is great. Thus, tourism expenditure goes to most of industry sectors including local public transports, food industries and agricultural productions. As a result, tourism is one of the best procedures for regional promotion. However, tourism industry is always facing weaknesses, caused by several kind of disasters. As an earthquake victim of 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, our research aim is to recover regional economy by using tourism restoration, and how tourism demand is aected by disasters.ResearchAreasHumanities/Social sciencesKeyword■Sustainable Tourism□Tourism Management□Regional Promotion■Disaster recovery for Tourism■Public TransportRelatedresearchSDGSustainable Tourism towards satisfaction for guests and hostsAssociate ProfessorKazuo NozuCenter / Research Institute, etc.Liberal Arts Education Center, Kyushu CampusesThe purpose of our study is to develop a new practical system that warns lightning occurrence with classied lightning discharge based on observing the lightning cloud process below LF frequency band using the atmospheric electric eld. This simultaneous information both lightning forecast and identification will be made possible through originally nding out new parameters, which are called L and S whereas L is related on forecast and S is on a kind of lightning, in time-series electric elds depending on cumulonimbus aspects that were suciently obtained with good reproducibility in many eld tests.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeyword■Cumulonimbus■Atmospheric Electric Field■Lightning forecast■Lightning classication■LF bandRelatedresearchSDGTotal Lightning Forecast System Using Atmospheric Electric Fields Depending on CumulonimbusProfessor EmeritusDaisuke OkanoCenter / Research Institute, etc.Liberal Arts Education Center, Kyushu CampusesCenter / Research Institute, etc.Liberal Arts Education Center, Sapporo CampusSleep is essential to our daily life. We spend almost one third of our life sleeping but the mechanism of sleep is not yet fully understood. Sleep is an adaptive behavior to the environment supported by higher brain function rather than the time of a mere shutdown. To understand the significance and the mechanism of sleep, we have developed a sleep recording system for mice. When continuous infusion system is coupled to the sleep recording system, we can evaluate the effect of test substances without stress. We are aiming our research to the development of the insomnia treatment in the future.ResearchAreasBiological sciencesKeyword■Sleep■Circadian rhythm■Insomnia■Obesity■BrainRelatedresearchSDGUnderstanding the mystery of sleepProfessorAkira Terao139

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