TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

The subject of research is conservation and restoration of works of art and cultural properties that have been carried out based on various techniques and concepts since ancient times. Focusing on the development of restoration theory and techniques by Italian art historian Cesare Brandi, who laid the foundation for modern conservation and restoration theory, this research aims to reconstruct history of conservation and restoration from ancient Greece to modern era. ResearchAreasHumanitiesKeyword■Restoration■Conservation■Archive studies■Contemporary art■Scientic research of artRelatedresearchSDGTheoretical and practical research on conservation and restorationJunior Associate ProfessorKaori TaguchiCenter / Research Institute, etc.Tokai University Research and Information Center (TRIC)Center / Research Institute, etc.Micro/Nano Technology CenterCenter / Research Institute, etc.Social Science Research InstituteRio KITA has studied polymer physics. His current research interests include transport phenomena of polymers in a temperature gradient, dynamics of structure formation of polymers, and characterization of polymer solutions in dilute and semi-dilute regions. In recent years, cloud points of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) in aqueous mixed solvents, with methanol as the cosolvent, have been studied to clarify the role of cooperative polymer-solvent hydrogen bonds to construct the ternary phase diagrams. Also thermodiffusion, or so called the Ludwig-Soret eect, has been studied on various systems of aqueous solutions of polymers where the role of hydrogen bondings is systematically investigated.Several Sustainable Development Goals are directly and indirectly related to green energy and the environment. The lack of long-term nancing, the low rate of return, the existence of various risks, and the lack of capacity of market players are major challenges for the development of green energy projects. My research rstly aims to highlight the challenges of green nance and investment in dierent renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen, and energy eciency. Secondly, it aims to design (theoretically and empirically) nancial tools and solutions for filling the green finance gap in different countries and regions.ResearchAreasMathematical and physical sciencesKeyword■Soft material■Polymer■Thermodynamics■Characterization■MultidisciplinaryRelatedresearchSDGResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeyword□Energy Economics□Environmental Economics□Energy Policy□Japanese contemporary economy□Banking and FinanceRelatedresearchSDGCharacterizations of soft materials in static and dynamic aspectsUtilizing green nance in lling the investment gap for achieving the SDGsProfessorJunior Associate ProfessorRio KitaFarhad Taghizadeh Hesary143

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