TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

INDEXSearch for Researchers by Field of Study ①InformaticsCybersecurity govenanceIkuo Misumi32Statistical data Analysis and visualization of large and complex dataYoshiro Yamamoto60Development of educational method using information deviceKensuke Onishi61Controlling bioredox and protein folding reactions by using articial organic compoundsKenta Arai66Remote Sensing for monitoring the earth environmentKohei Cho70Human Sensing Technology for User InterfacesKentaro Takemura71Image quality evaluation and human interface based on eye movementsMitsuho Yamada90Neural mechanisms underlying cognitive functions and emotionsHironori Nakatani90Software Architecture and Design in IoT and AI EraHarumi Watanabe91Component-based FPGA Development for Intelligent RoboticsTakeshi Ohkawa91Toward achieving safe and secure information communication systemsJunichi Murayama93Watermarking Method for Embedding into the External Shapes of ObjectsHiroshi Yamamoto93Development of intelligent controls with a wide range of nonlinear control objects and advanced control performanceTadanari Taniguchi138Environmental scienceChemistry between environment and human healthYoshika Sekine65Complex systemsA philosophical approach for the building a human character in physical education and the humanism in physical educationGoro Abe50Relationship between oxidative stress in muscle tissue and weight-lifting-induced muscle damage. changes in muscle oxygenation during weight lifting exercise. Eects of arm position and twist direction on abdominal muscle activation during trunk curl exercise. Shuichi Uchiyama50Analysis of physical activityKeita Ogawara51Eect of Leisure Involvement on Happiness and Lifestyle in Outdoor sportsHideo Matsumoto51Biomechanical approach to human motor controlHiroshi Yamada51The impacts of Sport Mega-event on local communityMasayuki Takao52Tactics and Tactical learning in competitive sportsMasamichi Kuriyama52Tackle Skill Acquisition in Rugby UnionNorikazu Yao52Development of physical activity program for healthAkio Kubota53Relationship between Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and Grade of WellnessToshiya Nosaka53Athletes' physical experience and individuation processDaisuke Takeda54Development of a instructional model for Rhythm dance not relying on choreographyItsuka Tamaki54Eective Methods for Promoting Exercise Behavior among WorkersYumiko Hagi54Olympic Studies, Cultural History of Sport, Body Studies, History of Body Image in Sports MoviesMinoru Matsunami55A Study on the Implementation of Environmental Education - Focusing on Actively Implementing Solutions to Global Environmental IssuesKatsuya Otsu55social impacts of sporting eventsDaichi Oshimi55Role of Public Sports Facilities at Times of DisasterRyoko Akiyoshi56Study on the method of strength training depending on the subject and purposeSeiji Aruga58Development of water purication technology using catalytic reactionIkko Mikami66Utilization of social media for disaster risk reductionOsamu Uchida70Application of psychophysiological measurement technology to industrial innovationMotoharu Takao70Realization of a safe and secure indoor and outdoor lighting environmentShu Takeshita76Biomedical application of X-rays and heavy ionsAtsushi Ito77Microuidic system for medical and biological applicationsHiroshi Kimura83Development of an automatic control system of brain's physiological conditions for brain resuscitation treatment. Construction of brain's physiological condition model involving intracranial pressure, cerebral blood ow, brain temperature, and cerebral metabolism. Construction of a decision-making model involving PID structure for analyzing personal characteristics.Tomohiko Utsuki86Sustainable tourist destination managementNobuhiko Tanaka88Study on medical application of virtual realityKazuhiko Hamamoto90Open source VLSI design methodologyNaohiko Shimizu91Elucidation of consumer behavior using social data in the marketing eldKohei Otake92High sensitivity layer feature analysis in food marketYumi Asahi92Regional promotion, Marine environment, Hot springsMasaki Saito96Policy study on integrated marine and coastal managementKazumi Wakita97Mutagenesis and Genomics to Elucidate Life, Medical & Environmental SciencesYoichi Gondo104Approaches to the mystery of the brain and mind through eye movementsAkira Katoh107The basic structure of social life in Olympic CityShun Ueta128How far can evolutionary explanations be applied to understanding life and humans?Shunkichi Matsumoto134Education for Sustainability Dialogues - Empowerment of Citizens to Create a Sustainable SocietySachi Ninomiya-Lim135Development of a simple measurement method of brain tissue oxygen saturationDaisaku Kurita137Consideration of problems in the information societyYukiko Maruyama138Development of catheter mounted micro-axial ow blood pumpEiji Okamoto140Research on the Present Peppermint Industry in Kitami Area and Its Application to Liberal Arts Education.Mitsunori Izumi140Revealing cognitive and neural architectures in knowledge acquisition and generationHiroki Kurashige142Humanities/Social sciencesThe transformation of the world view through cultural interactions in western Mexican from the Pre-Classic Period to the Late Classic PeriodTeruaki Yoshida34Social Transformation in Southeast AsiaTagayasu Naito36Cross-Border Legal Issues and Cross-Cultural CommunicationsMargalit Faden47What is needed to practice good physical education and sports classes at special needs schools?Kyosuke Uchida50Mega-events and Tourism DevelopmentTakato Ozawa88Transdisciplinary research on climate change in Papua New GuineaIppei Kawasaki96Field of StudySearch for Researchers by20

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