TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Search for Researchers by Field of Study ②Humanities/Social sciencesNational Identity and Politicized Gender in Japan and the United StatesKeiko Ishihara134Sustainable Tourism towards satisfaction for guests and hostsKazuo Nozu139HumanitiesGeographical study of migrant communities in modern Japanese urban areasYuji Nakanishi34Research on the early farmers in the ancient Near EastMakoto Arimura34Interdisciplinary research on Ancient Egyptian material cultureKyoko Yamahana36Modern Japanese literature and comparative literature of the late 19th - the early 20th centuries (the Meiji and the Taisho Eras)Keiko Hori37Zooarchaeology in East AsiaMasashi Maruyama97Archaeological study of shipbuilding and research activities related to the protection and management of underwater cultural heritageJun Kimura98Archaeological study on animal utilization in Northeast AsiaSachiko Uchiyama128Toward an Embodied Science of SubjectivityShogo Tanaka134Growth and Development of teachers and native supporters for teaching Culturally Linguistically Diverse ChildrenKouko Takanashi135SDGs and CLIL Lesson Designs to Get EFL Learners to Think Globally, Act LocallyMika Ito1361) Development and validation of English tests, especially research on various methods of performance assessment 2) Creation and validation of curricula and teaching materials to raise intercultural competence and global skills of Japanese studentsKahoko Matsumoto136The development of mixed reality language teachings tasks for international collaborationDavid Patrick Wright136The Design of Chinese Communicative Education Model based on the Foreign Language Teaching in New EraMikiko Moriyama137Building a foundation for improvement of the Korean language skillsKim Minsoo137Theoretical and practical research on conservation and restorationKaori Taguchi143Social sciencesVirtual reality and intellectual property rights ; Site blocking and Copyright ; Copyright infringement liability of Internet Service Provider ; Indirect copyright infringement; Foreign oense punishment for copyright infringementMasayoshi Sumida32International Nuclear Leagal SystemKenkichi Hirose32Comparative and interdisciplinary studies among Nordic countries and Japan on politics and welfare policy to gure out trends of new social policy in post-industrial societyYuriko Shibayama36Refusal to go to school at puberty- Examination from mental vulnerabilityReiko Yoshikawa37Community revitalization and local cinemasTakashi Ishigaki37Smart Self-Governance, Digitization, and e-GovernmentTakashi Kobayashi40Comparative Governance and Politics, based on Cross-national Surveys on Civil Society Organizations and Interest Groups in 15 countriesYutaka Tsujinaka40Gender politics in JapanYuki Tsuji40Balancing the economy and the environmentSatoshi Honma41What Makes User Innovation Foster at Medical Device Sector? - Case Study of Product Development of Innovative Suture Needles for Surgeries -Kyoko Kameoka41Cyber Solution BusinessTadayuki Narukawa41Conversation analytic and ethnomethodological studies of law-related settingsTakanori Kitamura44Comparative study of Japanese and European welfare states focusing on the NetherlandsMariko Hirose46Considering a Dierent Path for the Present Capitalism Market SystemNaoto Yoshikawa46Migrant integration through public education in the EU Member StatesSeiko Oyama46child poverty and family social workOsamu Kobayashi58Democracy in Multicultural Society and its ConditionsKazuhisa Honda88Issues of Senior Citizen Support Activities by women in Fishing CommunitiesIzumi Seki96Regime eectiveness and institutional interplay in global ocean governanceAyako Okubo97The meaning of small-scale sheries in the era of big changeYinji Li98Research on Language Teaching in an EFL ContextRie Sugiura128Social psychology on the eects of media use by children and youthSachi Tajima135Historical Research on the School Curriculum of Citizenship EducationJinichiro Saito138Utilizing green nance in lling the investment gap for achieving the SDGsFarhad Taghizadeh Hesary143Interdisciplinary science and engineeringA highly sensitive trace material sensor based on novel laser spectroscopic techniquesShigeru Yamaguchi62High speed transmission for electric vehicle. Fundamental technology of Belt CVTs. New invented clutch Free bearing.Takeshi Yamamoto85Natural disasters and resource geology based on marine spatial informationIzumi Sakamoto99Computer Science - Numerical Modeling via Particle Methods with Thermal-Fluid Coupling and Simulations -Yoshiyuki Shimizu102Nankai Trogh Subduction Zone/Shimanto Accretionary Prism/Tectonics of Japan/Cretaceous Black ShalesAsahiko Taira141Mathematical and physical sciencesSurface-links in 4-space by using chartsAkiko Shima60Studies of automorphisms on K3 surfacesShingo Taki60Tropical approach for algebraic combinatorics and mathematical logicShinsuke Iwao61High Energy Gamma Ray ObservationJunko Kushida61Dynamics in Aqueous Systems Studied by Broadband Dielectric SpectroscopyNaoki Shinyashiki62Understanding the high-energy astrophysical phenomena and identifying the origin of cosmic raysKyoshi Nishijima62Exploring physics and mathematics via string theoryHirotaka Hayashi63Condensed matter physics in non-equilibriumMakoto Yamaguchi63Development and application of new fractal analysis of water structures in molecular complex and biological systems using broadband dielectric spectroscopy and complementary techniquesShin Yagihara63Characterizations of soft materials in static and dynamic aspectsRio Kita143Chemistry Construction and Functionalization of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid MaterialsTakeru Ito64Design and chemical synthesis of selenopeptides and selenoproteins with antioxidant activityMichio Iwaoka64Geochemistry related to active volcanoesTakeshi Ohba64Synthesis and characterization of novel mixed-anion compounds, mainly perovskite-type oxyuorides and oxynitridesTetsuhiro Katsumata65Development of new organic reaction system for green chemistryShinichi Koguchi65Synthesis and fabrication of photo-functional inorganic materials and devicesKoji Tomita6621

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