TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Search for Researchers by Field of Study ③Chemistry Development of Luminescent Organic MaterialsToshiaki Ikeda67Investigation of functions of glycoconjugates by using synthesized molecular probesOsamu Kanie74Studies on molecular mechanisms of various life phenomena through the peptide chemical synthesisHidekazu Katayama74Fabrication of 2D Nanobiomaterials for Biomedical ApplicationsYosuke Okamura75A novel synthesis oMasashi Sato75Towards hydrogen society, through CO2 utilizationRyota Gemma79EngineeringReaction engineering of CVD Chemistry of Ancient Egypt and Andean civilizations Eective Teaching and Learning in Science EducationYasunobu Akiyama75Development of the articial hand which is driven by SEMGKazushige Magatani76Electronic Paper & 3D DisplayMakoto Omodani76Separation chemistry for recycling of spent nuclear fuelsNoriko Asanuma77IoT implementationRyuichiro Ohyama77Smart windows based on phase change oxide coatingsKunio Okimura78Energy Conversion and Storage for Electric VehicleHideki Kimura78High Eciency of Wireless Power Transmission with Broadband CommunicationMamiko Inamori78Environment-Friendly DFRCCKen Watanabe79Study on the Translation of People's Activities into SpacesKatsuya Iwasaki79Thermal comfort and adaptation in semi-outdoor environmentsJunta Nakano80Sustainable urban development that creates high quality living spaces and comfortable urban spacesYoshitaka Kajita80Designing Infrastracture and Facility for Safer, More Confortable, and Happy CitiesMio Suzuki80Environmental and biological sensing by micro region sensor using thin lm technologyKazuyoshi Tsuchiya81Development of medical stent by using drawn magnesium wire and tubeKazunari Yoshida81Direction of future robots: friendliness, intelligence, communication ability, safety and ease of useYoshio Yamamoto81Design the Manufacturing by Elastoplastic MechanicsHiroaki Kubota82Defect analysis of materials using hydrogen, and research on various phenomena and metallurgical characteristics induced by hydrogen dissolution in metals, including hydrogen embrittlementHelmut Takahiro Uchida82Development of new detection methods for active oxygen speciesSatoru Iwamori82Optimum design for improving the characteristics of machine elements. Visualization of high-speed and microscale uid ow in many devices. Development of micro air vehicle and some devices by biomimetics.Masayuki Ochiai83Nanomaterials Prepared by Laser Ablation in LiquidSergei Kulinich83Battery Management Control and Battery Deterioration Analysis with Statistical MethodToshiyuki Sakamoto84Engineering application of multiphase ows based on numerical studyShun Takahashi84Study of thermoacoustic phenomenonShinya Hasegawa84Toward the development of ecient and low emission thermo-uid systemsNaoya Fukushima85Advanced plasma propulsion systemHideyuki Horisawa85- Experimental and numerical analysis on shock oscillation and pulsation - Experimental investigation on propagation of detonation inside rotating detonation engines - Real scale ow visualization around high-speed vehicles - Fundamental research on explosion safetyToshiharu Mizukaki86Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow Phenomena and its Engineering ApplicationKota Fukuda86Atmospheric inuences on free-space optical communicationsYoshihisa Takayama92Installation and holding behavior of suction anchors for mooring foundation of oshore oating structureKatsutoshi Kita98Optimization problems on maritime logistics and transportationKoichi Shintani101Research on development of a total autonomous system with combination of unmanned aerial, surface, underwater vehiclesKeisuke Watanabe102Inuence of a river ood on the benthic-pelagic ecosystem in coastal environmentMasami Ohashi131Total Lightning Forecast System Using Atmospheric Electric Fields Depending on CumulonimbusDaisuke Okano139Biological sciencesPrediction of human phenotypes based on genome sequencesTadashi Imanishi104Development of genetic engineering and gene therapy methodsMasato Ohtsuka104Genetics and Epigenetics of Skeletal diseasesKoichiro Abe107Viral evolution research revealed by large-scale sequencingSo Nakagawa110Discovery of mammalian-specic domesticated genes and elucidation of their biological functionsTomoko Ishino118Eects of Early Life Stress in mammalian speciesSaki Imai124Zoogeography of Bats and Using Acoustic Monitoring to Protect BatsKuniko Kawai130Understanding the mystery of sleepAkira Terao139Mechanism of genetic regulation in Bacillus subtilisMitsuo Ogura140BiologyElucidation of the disease mechanism of neuromuscular diseases and development of therapyHiroaki Mitsuhashi74Ontogeny and systematics of deep-sea demersal shesAtsushi Fukui99Resilience and sustainability of coral communitiesMasako Nakamura100Ecological studies of small toothed whales o JapanHiroshi Ohizumi101Biology and ecology of zooplanktonJun Nishikawa101Evolutionary genomics in human and infectious diseasesHiromi Matsumae110Study of spermatogenesis in mammalsYoko Sato130Phylogeography and conservation of turtlesDai Suzuki130Agricultural sciencesPropagation and cultivation of shesNobuhiko Akiyama99Algal Ecology; Marine Environmental SciencesTakashi Yoshikawa100「Estimation of quality of dried laver Porphyra spp」 「What is the most important things to determine “the quality of the nori”」 「Can we determine the fermentation area of the ”nori”.」Hiroshi Saito100Sustainable terroir grassland agriculture based on the concept of ecosystem servicesChinobu Okamoto124Analysis of spermatogenesis in porcine testis using genome editing technologyTatsuo Kawarasaki12422

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