TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Search for Researchers by Field of Study ④Agricultural sciencesFundamental Study for Functionality of (i) Exclusive Local Foodstus and (ii) Sulfate Conjugates upon Food/Drug MetabolismShin Yasuda125Functionality of lactic acid bacteria and development of fermented foodsHideki Kinoshita125Ecological study on aquaculture and biological production of marine invertebratesIzumi Sakurai131Improvement in pregnancy rates in ruminant ungulatesKazuhiko Imakawa142Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacySports injurySeiji Miyazaki53Eects of Environmental Chemicals on Human HealthKou Sakabe105Elucidation of molecular mechanism of genetic diversity generation in major histocompatibility complexTakashi Shiina105Oxidative Stress;Lipid Peroxidation;Signal Transduction;Protein Kinase C;DiacylglycerolSusumu Takekoshi105DNA repair and cancerToshiyasu Taniguchi106Pathomechanism and therapeutic research studies on neurodegenerative diseasesShinji Hadano106Molecular understanding of the regulation of T cell dierentiation and functionKatsuto Hozumi106Oxidative stress and Genomic instability on AgingTakamasa Ishii107Establishment of new therapies for serious liver diseases using stem cell biologyAkihide Kamiya108Development of anti-cancer drugs based on pregnant immunityYoshie Kametani108Evaluation of biological responses to pharmaceutical molecules and extracellular stressKaori Suyama108Anatomical physiology of the male urogenital systemHayato Terayama109Molecular analyses for normalization of maxillofacial development by exploring mechanisms on chondrocyte dierentiation in skull baseKagemasa Kajiwara109Eects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on spermatogenesisQu Ning109Pathophysiological interplay between organ brosis and regeneration/carcinogenesisYutaka Inagaki110Investigation of pathogenesis of hematological malignancy from the points of view such as extracellular vesicles, nonーcoding RNA, and virus biologyAi Kotani111Analysis of nectin/necl and miRNA expression in pancreatic neoplasmsKenichi Hirabayashi111Research on systems thinking in combating infectious diseases and health care systemsHiroyuki Furuya111Exploring the Basis of Life to Cure Intractable DiseasesTakashi Yahata112The relationship between the nervous system activity in the salivary glands and the salivary secretion mechanismMasanobu Yoshikawa112Postmortem diagnosis of sudden cardiac deathYu Kakimoto112Elucidation of cancer malignant mechanism, and examination of next-generation eects of environmental factorsHitoshi Endo113Research on bile acid and cholestasisTatehiro Kagawa113Prevention and Understanding the Mechanism of AtherothrombosisShinya Goto113Uremic toxins and bone metabolism in kidney diseaaesMasafumi Fukagawa114The role of parathyroid hormone, broblast growth factor 23, and Klotho in disordered mineral metabolism in kidney diseaseHirotaka Komaba114Understanding pathobionts and host immunity in inammatory bowel diseaseJin Imai114Realization of cartilage regeneration by cell sheet accelerating joint treatmentMasato Sato115Clinical and Translational research in Breast CancerNaoki Niikura115Functional evaluation for various methods of gastrectomy and reconstruction for gastric cancerEiji Nomura115The enhancement of endoplasmic reticulum stress response in the injured spinal cordMasahiko Watanabe116How can we treat lung diseases gently and safely?Mitsutomo Kohno116Biological and Clinical Development of Spinal DiseaseDaisuke Sakai116The enhancement of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response improves recovery after spinal cord injuryHiroyuki Katoh117Education of Kampo (Japanese Traditional) MedicineMakoto Arai117Utility of Comprehensive Serum Glycopeptide Spectra Analysis (CSGSA) for the Detection of Early Stage Epithelial Ovarian CancerMikio Mikami117Proposal of a Two-Tier System in Grouping Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine CervixHiroko Machida118Hair analysis for clinical and forensic toxicologyTakeshi Saito118Collaboration between Pediatric Cancer Parents' Groups and Health Care ProvidersReiko Inoue119Skeletal muscle dysfunction in patients with COPD; Skin color and pathophysiological changeTomoko Kutsuzawa119Development and evaluation of support models for healthy worksite in small and medium-sized company by clarifying the role of occupational health nursesNoriko Nishikido119Enhancing self-management and health-related quality of life for patients with cancerMasako Shomura120Telemedicine / Telenursing in the event of a disasterFutosi Oyama120Field study: nursing for patients of mental illness have physical complicationsNatsuko Ogino120・ Eects of Topical Application of Jojoba and Wintergreen Oil on Exercise-Induced Inammation in Mice ・ Acute Eects of Transdermal Administration of Jojoba Oil on Lipid Metabolism in MiceYutaka Matsumoto121Competencies of occupational health nurses who collaborate with public health services and related factors Nation-wide Research on Current Status and Related Factors of the Collaboration with Occupational Health Services by Public Health Nurses Working for MunicipalityYuko Mitsuhashi121Developing animal model for human diseases such as cancer, life-style related diseases and intractable diseasesMinoru Kimura141Genetics and molecular biology of common diseaseAkira Oka141Elucidation of eectively training to improve running economyFumiya Tanji14223

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