TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords■Nuclear Law■Nuclear Safety Standards■Nuclear Non-proliferationRelatedresearchSDGResearchAreasInformaticsKeywords■Cybersecurity■Management■GovernanceRelatedresearchSDGIn order to make cyberspace more secure, it is highly important to enhance cybersecurity in the private sector as well as in the public sector. For that purpose, to encourage executives in organizations have new mindset regarding cybersecurity is essential. However, most of executives are not ready to have enough knowledge of cybersecurity. Therefore, it is important to foster management level workforces who have ability regarding both cybersecurity and managemet. How to foster such people is my main research area.Cybersecurity govenanceGuest ProfessorIkuo MisumiUndergraduate School of Information and Telecommunication EngineeringNuclear energy law has a wide range of coverage, such as nuclear non-proliferation, safety, physical protection, nuclear terrorism, emergency preparedness waste management. Some of them requires international legal system. My study area is international legal system including history and future possibility.International Nuclear Leagal SystemGuest ProfessorKenkichi HiroseCenter / Research Institute, etc.International Education CenterCenter / Research Institute, etc.I am continuing my research on indirect infringement of intellectual property rights in general. Indirect infringement of intellectual property rights is the infringement liability of a third party who assists infringement of intellectual property rights. The liability for infringement includes site blocking and copyright infringement liability of Internet service providers and reach site provider. I am currently focusing on research on the relationship between VR and intellectual property rights. The photo is a virtual live VR video ""Madison Beer Immersive Reality Concert"" released by Sony on January 12, 2021 using Madison Beer's avatar. It is not even clear what rights will arise for such avatar-based performances.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords■Intellectual Property Law■Virtual Reality IPLaw■Fashion IPLaw■Food IPLaw■Housing IPLawRelatedresearchSDGVirtual reality and intellectual property rights ; Site blocking and Copyright ; Copyright infringement liability of Internet Service Provider ; Indirect copyright infringement; Foreign oense punishment for copyright infringementGuest ProfessorMasayoshi Sumida(より)32

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