TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

My main research theme is transformation of local societies in Southeast Asia. In Karawang, West Java, I am conducting research on the inuence of industrial estate to the surrounding areas. The region is becoming more and more diverse, with an inux of people from outside the region. We will clarify what conditions are necessary for the region to remain stable in the midst of this diversication. I have also conducted eld research on the transformation of Glodok, Chinatown in Jakarta. And I am also interested in the relationship between media and politics in Southeast Asia.ResearchAreasHumanities/Social sciencesKeywords■Southeast Asian Studies■Indonesia■Local Communities■Social Transfomation■MediaRelatedresearchSDGSocial Transformation in Southeast AsiaProfessorTagayasu NaitoUndergraduate School of Cultural and Social StudiesDepartment of Asian StudiesMy main research interest is to uncover the history of technological development through the study of ceramics/glass/faience of Ancient Egypt. Replicating the ancient artifacts with interdisciplinary collaboration contributes to perceive the path we took in our human history.ResearchAreasHumanitiesKeywords■Ancient Egypt□Ancient History□Archaeological Science□Art History■Ceramic TechnologyRelatedresearchSDGInterdisciplinary research on Ancient Egyptian material cultureAssociate ProfessorKyoko YamahanaUndergraduate School of Cultural and Social StudiesDepartment of Asian StudiesMy research theme is how Finland built a welfare state, especially politically, compared to other Nordic countries. Recently, themes of studies have been expanded; what will be the new ideal social policy scheme in post-industrial society or under creative economy, and how civil society and democracy, universalism idea can be updated within new schemes. Concretely, the studies of impact of digitalization, innovation policies or experimental policies (i.e. case of Finnish basic income experimentation) have been conducted.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords□Comparative Politics□Social Policy■Nordic Model■Social Policy of Post-Industrial Society■Creative Society and New Social PolicyRelatedresearchSDGComparative and interdisciplinary studies among Nordic countries and Japan on politics and welfare policy to gure out trends of new social policy in post-industrial societyJunior Associate ProfessorYuriko ShibayamaUndergraduate School of Cultural and Social StudiesDepartment of Nordic StudiesResearch site in Karawang, West JavaThe cover of Konjiki-Yasha by Koyo Ozaki(left), and Bertha M. Clay’s Weaker Than a Woman inuenced on Koyo(right). Resident survey36

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