TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Chancellor's GreetingScience and technology are intimately related to our lives, and their development has had a signicant impact on the economy and society. The current times of great change, which the Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan refers to as a “revolutionary era,” call for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is an international initiative to address global issues, and for the furtherance of Society 5.0, which aims for the connection of people and things through the Internet of Things (IoT), the creation of new value through the sharing and fusion of diverse knowledge and information, and a society that solves problems and diculties. Neither of these things can be achieved without more development of science and technology.The mission of universities is not only to develop the human resources that will lead our future, but also to bring together their wisdom in order to contribute to the progress and development of society. In the spirit that "science and technology should be for the happiness of humankind," a belief held by Shigeyoshi Matsumae, the founder of our university, we have actively promoted independent and active research activities aiming to contribute to the realization of a new civilized society in which people, society and nature can coexist. In addition to conducting leading-edge research in a wide range of elds, including the humanities and social sciences, science, engineering, medicine, oceanography and agriculture, we are actively engaged in research activities through interdisciplinary approaches that bring these various elds together. Further, we aim to improve the quality of life (QOL) by forming a unit called Research Peaks that can greatly contribute to the creation of international innovation and return the knowledge given birth to at the University to society. This is in line with the principles of the SDGs, and we will continue to work toward the realization of a sustainable society by cross-correlating a variety of activities that contribute to society with the principles of the SDGs.On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the University's founding in 2017, the University adopted "Think Ahead, Act for Humanity" as its brand message. Striving for international and regional collaboration by developing education that is trusted and returning the achieved research results to society, we put to good advantage the scale merit we enjoy as a pioneering comprehensive university to realize this philosophy and become a university of choice in the world.We hope that you will take a copy of this Guide and read it, and we look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in what we do. Please note that the research presented in this Guide represents only a fraction of the University's research. It is our hope that this Guide will spur your interest in the diverse knowledge our University has to oer.Chancellor, Tokai UniversityKiyoshi Yamada2

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