TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

My research aims to set up the concept of Smart Self-Governance as a methodology for governing activities by citizens. Smart Self-Governance is dened that the individuals behaving autonomously and freely solves the various problems in the society by cooperative, dispersive and self-sustained organization with providing appropriate knowledge and information. Smart Self-Governance intends to reduce the structure and functions of societies and to minimize governments for sustainable society. Smart Self-Governance is an important concept for digitization and e-government in the future.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords■Social Informatics■Local Media and Governance■Urban PlanningRelatedresearchSDGSmart Self-Governance, Digitization, and e-GovernmentProfessorTakashi KobayashiUndergraduate School of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of Political ScienceIn the present crisis like corona pandemic, people are expecting politics to have a better QOL. It is the civil society and the governance that guarantee it. Research on civil society and interest groups that connect politics and citizens is very dicult to grasp because there are no reliable statistics. For approximately 25 years, I have conducted empirical surveys on the civil society and interest groups of more than 200 cities in 15 countries to clarify their reality. The current focus is on urban governance. Specically, we are analyzing how people's satisfaction with policy and politics and their good performance are based on the relationship between civil society and city government.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords■Civil society■Governance■Comparative politics■Interest groups■Social capitalRelatedresearchSDGComparative Governance and Politics, based on Cross-national Surveys on Civil Society Organizations and Interest Groups in 15 countriesProfessorYutaka TsujinakaUndergraduate School of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of Political ScienceMy research projects are mainly on gender politics in Japan, including the politics of welfare state restructuring, political representation of women, political discourses in care and social policies. I have recently started a new research project on gender and politics in Canada, including the House of Commons initiatives towards more gender- and diversity-friendly parliaments.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeywords■Gender and politics□Contemporary politics in Japan□Political representation□Welfare regimes□Social policiesRelatedresearchSDGGender politics in JapanProfessorYuki TsujiUndergraduate School of Political Science and EconomicsDepartment of Political ScienceFigure:The Images of Information Society as Chaos Drawn by Students40

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