TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Physical education is one of the elds of education, so it is not just a sport instruction, not just a physical fitness training, it is essentially education above all. Therefore physical education should be grounded by education it self.So it should be based on the education theory and pedagogy as the academic discipline. Especially the humanistic discussion and the anthropologic discussion in the German education studies are historical wise of humankind. Physical education will be able to gain the possibility of humanistic progress through the investigating of the the humanistic discussion and the anthropologic discussion in the German education studies. Physical education should be arranged as education it self through a lot of investigations of the historical wise of humankind in the education studies.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Physical education■SportRelatedresearchSDGA philosophical approach for the building a human character in physical education and the humanism in physical educationProfessorGoro AbeUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationWhat do children and students with disabilities need to enjoy physical education and sports on every day ,every week,every month?How physical education and sports will be a necessary culture for people with disabilities?ResearchAreasHumanities/Social sciencesKeywords■Adapted physical education□Adapted physical activity□Education for special needs□Inclusive physical education□Sports for diversityRelatedresearchSDGWhat is needed to practice good physical education and sports classes at special needs schools?ProfessorKyosuke UchidaUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationI am interested in a physical training and conditioning methods for improving a human health and sports performance. Maintaining good physical and mental condition is the basis for the human wellness. The human body changes depending on how it exercises and trains. We examine changes in human body due to exercise and sports from the performance improvement, the muscle strength and activity, the blood ow dynamics in muscles and brain, and the oxidative stress.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Human movement■Sports performance■Physical training■Oxygenation■Oxidative stressRelatedresearchSDGRelationship between oxidative stress in muscle tissue and weight-lifting-induced muscle damage. changes in muscle oxygenation during weight lifting exercise. Eects of arm position and twist direction on abdominal muscle activation during trunk curl exercise. ProfessorShuichi UchiyamaUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical Education50

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