TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

I am engaged in research on the process of learning and mastering sports movements. How do people acquire and improve new movements and skills? Sports biomechanics quanties and evaluates physical movement by combining video analysis methods using 3D motion capture systems and high-speed video cameras with measurement methods using electromyograms and force plates.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Sports Biomechanics■KinesiologyRelatedresearchSDGAnalysis of physical activityProfessorKeita OgawaraUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationI am now making a research on the happiness and leisure/sports activity from the positive psychology and health psychology point of view. My recent interest is to nd out the relationship between sports/ leisure involvement and lifestyle that determine to the work life integration in the outdoor sports activity. Moreover, I try to nd out certain factors behind the work, life and leisure/sports activity that can explain why life can be happy by work life integration. My second interest is to clarify the factors that cause outdoor sports enthusiast to make an insatiable satisfaction when they keep outdoor sports activity in their life long.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Health and Sports psychology■Sports and Leisure activity■Happiness■Outdoor sports□Work life integrationRelatedresearchSDGEect of Leisure Involvement on Happiness and Lifestyle in Outdoor sportsProfessorHideo MatsumotoUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical EducationI am a researcher in sports science. I am studying biomechanical approaches to human motor control. The main research methods are motion analysis and electromyography. The main research topics are skill, muscle fatigue, and exercise adaptation. We have investigated the motor adaptation of nerves and muscles in athletes, children, and the elderly. I would like to use the knowledge I gained to put into practice physical education and sports.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Motion analysis■EMG■Fatigue■Force■Motor controlRelatedresearchSDGBiomechanical approach to human motor controlProfessorHiroshi YamadaUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical Education51

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