TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Research on the mechanism of sports injuries / disorders, treatment methods, and preventive methods Research that links sports practice with practice methods and research methods related to sports medicineResearchAreasMedicine, dentistry, and pharmacyKeywords■Sports medicine□Orthopedic surgeryRelatedresearchSDGSports injuryProfessorSeiji MiyazakiUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Judo and KendoMy current research focuses on neighbourhood environmental attributes associated with adults’ active living. The titles of papers are as follows; 1. A community-wide walking promotion using maps and events for Japanese older adults. 2. The impact of a new exercise facility on physical activity at the community level: a non-randomized panel study in Japan. 3. Associations of Local Social Engagement and Environmental Attributes with Walking and Sitting among Japanese Older Adults.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Health Promotion□Public Health■Physical ActivityRelatedresearchSDGDevelopment of physical activity program for healthProfessorAkio KubotaUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical RecreationI've participated in continuous studies focused on the eect of prolonged regular exercise on age-related changes in arterial elasticity. Decrease of arterial elasticity, that is, arteriosclerosis is recognized as primary pathological change of cerebrovascular disease, hypertension and ischemic heart disease. We've reported that regular exercise cause inhibition of various cardiovascular diseases by reduction of degenerative changes in artery.As exercise effects are generally recognized, many health promotional projects are getting to provide programs including exercise, nutritional, and health guidance nowadays in Japan. In addition to that, some enterprising projects including cultural activities, network making, or communication development are going on. I have a sense that time is precisely catch up with the concept of Wellness.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Wellness■Physical activity■Pulse wave velocityRelatedresearchSDGRelationship between Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and Grade of WellnessProfessorToshiya NosakaUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Physical Recreation53

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