TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Minoru Matsunami participated in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and worked as a P.E. teacher in Leyte Normal University in the Philippines from 1995 to 1997. His experience of living in cross culture became the basis of his work.His major is sport history, sport anthropology and cultural studies of sport.Dr.Matsunami is the author of numerous published academic papers on the subjects of sport history, body studies, international cooperation and sports, and so on. His research interest includes cross-cultural understanding.He is also a member of the board directors of the Japan Society of Sport History.He was awarded the Prize of the Japan Society of Sport History in 2011.One of his important works was “Modernization of the Body Image”(Sobunsha, 2010). He is the author and Editor of “A Critique of Modern Sports”(Sobunsha, 2020).ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Sport History■Sport Anthropology■Cultural Studies of Sport■Olympic Studies■Body StudiesRelatedresearchSDGOlympic Studies, Cultural History of Sport, Body Studies, History of Body Image in Sports MoviesProfessorMinoru MatsunamiUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Sport & Leisure ManagementI am particularly interested in the area of sport and the environment. The focus of my research on sport in Japan is in the development of new areas of sports research centered on keywords such as “environment” and “sustainable development”.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Sport and Environment■Sustainability■Olympic Games■SDGs■Climate changeRelatedresearchSDGA Study on the Implementation of Environmental Education - Focusing on Actively Implementing Solutions to Global Environmental IssuesAssociate ProfessorKatsuya OtsuUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Sport & Leisure ManagementMy area of expertise is in the socio-economic aspects of the sport. My grant-supported research focusses particularly on the impacts and leveraging of various sized sport events, and their meaning for host communities. He also studies sport consumer behavior in a wide variety of elds. Dr. Oshimi has published his work in high-quality journals of sport. He is deputy chief editor of the Asian Sport Management Review and editor of the International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets. ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Social impact of sporting events■Event leveraging■Sport consumer behavior■Consumer emotion■Sport managementRelatedresearchSDGsocial impacts of sporting eventsJunior Associate ProfessorDaichi OshimiUndergraduate School of Physical EducationDepartment of Sport & Leisure Management55

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