TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

To research about a knot (a closed string) in 3-space, we study to draw pictures. Anyone can research knot theory to draw pictures. However, it is dicult to study knot theory deeply. For a surface in 4-space, we can study to draw picture the same as a knot in 3-space. A knot is drawn the shadow of the light far away in a paper. In a similar way,a surface in 4-space is projected into 3-space, then we obtain the surface with intersection and we can draw the surface with intersection. Moreover, we research the graph obtained by projecting the intersection in the plane, called a chart. ResearchAreasMathematical and physical sciencesKeywords■Topology■Surface-link■ChartRelatedresearchSDGSurface-links in 4-space by using chartsProfessorAkiko ShimaUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of MathematicsMy research interest is in solving real-world problems using data analysis and visualization.With the use of sensors and IoT, more insights can be gained through data analysis. However, proper data pre-processing and data understanding is essential to obtain useful information. Through statistical data analysis, we perform exploratory data analysis and subsequent valid statistical analysis, and we also study the data required in the course of the analysis and visualization for understanding the results of the analysis. We conduct collaborative research within and outside the university, including medical statistics, sports analysis and marketing.ResearchAreasInformaticsKeywords■Data visualization■Statistical data analysis■Data science■Sports data analyticsRelatedresearchSDGStatistical data Analysis and visualization of large and complex dataProfessorYoshiro YamamotoUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of MathematicsWe can see a very interesting mathematical model such that algebra, geometry and analysis are harmony through elliptic curves. A K3 surface is a 2-dimensional analogue of an elliptic curve. In algebraic geometry, it is a fundamental problem to study automorphisms of algebraic varieties. We consider the problem for K3 surfaces which are the most important and attractive (at least for me) of complex surfaces.ResearchAreasMathematical and physical sciencesKeywords■Algebraic geometry■Automorphisms of K3 surfacesRelatedresearchSDGStudies of automorphisms on K3 surfacesAssociate ProfessorShingo TakiUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of Mathematics60

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