TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Tropical mathematics is a new field in mathematics concerning some "computer-based" calculations, in which the addition (ex. 1+4=5) is replaced by max-operator (ex. "1+4"=max[1,4]=4) and the multiplication (ex. 4*2=8) is replaced by addition (ex. "4*2"=4+2=6). Although it seems a "curious world", this algebra provides us a new viewpoint to see our world mathematically.ResearchAreasMathematical and physical sciencesKeywords■Tropical Mathematics■Symmetric Functions■Algebraic CombinatoricsRelatedresearchSDGTropical approach for algebraic combinatorics and mathematical logicJunior Associate ProfessorShinsuke IwaoUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of MathematicsAt present, smartphones are more popular information devices than personal computers, and more than 90% of young people have smartphones.It is an important and urgent task for future education to enable students to learn at school and at home using these devices.We currently study the educational use of virtual reality using smartphones, and am also interested in using various information devices, such as smart speakers.ResearchAreasInformaticsKeywords■AR/VR/xR■Educational engineering□Information engineering■SmartphoneRelatedresearchSDGDevelopment of educational method using information deviceAssociate ProfessorKensuke OnishiUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of Mathematical SciencesI belong to the international collaboration projects, MAGIC and CTA. The MAGIC group aims to study the existence and properties of very high energy (VHE) gamma-ray sources, such as active galactic nuclei, supernova remnants, and pulsar wind nebulae by utilizing the atmospheric Cherenkov technique located La Palma, Canary Islands (Spain). The CTA project is an initiative to build the next generation ground-based very high energy gamma-ray instrument. It will provide a deep insight into the non-thermal high-energy universe. In addition, we are developing the photodetector modules (MPPC) using the Cherenkov telescope’s camera and attempt to apply these techniques to the cancer diagnosis.ResearchAreasMathematical and physical sciencesKeywords■Astrophysics■High energy gamma ray■Nuclear medicineRelatedresearchSDGHigh Energy Gamma Ray ObservationProfessorJunko KushidaUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of Physics61

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