TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

1. Synthesis and characterization of perovskite-type oxyuorides and oxynitrides2. Synthesis and characterization of novel transition-metal oxyuorides3. Development of functional oxide using high temp. and press. apparatus4. Development of new Li-ion conducting oxide with high deformabilityResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Mixed-anion compounds□Oxyuorides□Oxynitrides□Perovskite■Li-ion conductorRelatedresearchSDGSynthesis and characterization of novel mixed-anion compounds, mainly perovskite-type oxyuorides and oxynitridesProfessorTetsuhiro KatsumataUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of ChemistryProf. Yoshika Sekine is an expert in the eld of environmental chemistry in relation to human health. He graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University and received his PhD in 1993. He is currently working as professor of Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tokai University and also serving as the president of Society of Indoor Environment, Japan (SIEJ) since 2016. He covers a variety range of research topics including air quality watching in East Asia, pollution control of hazardous chemicals in indoor environment, wellness monitoring via human skin gas analysis and so on. ResearchAreasEnvironmental scienceKeywords■Human skin gas■Body odor■Indoor air■PM2.5■ChemicalsRelatedresearchSDGChemistry between environment and human healthProfessorYoshika SekineUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of ChemistryDr. Koguchi's research interests reside in the area of synthetic organic chemistry where his research group focuses on new ways to assemble complex organic structures using ionic liquid. Our group has made signicant contributions to the eld of ionic liquid in its earliest days, publishing the rst examples of ionic liquid supported catalyst. Ionic liquid supported catalyst can be reused as catalysts (reagents) together with ionic liquids and are an environmentally friendly method of organic synthesis. Our goal is development in which new synthetic method for green chemistry.ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Organic synthesis■Organic compounds■Reaction system■Ionic liquids■Organochalcogen compoundsRelatedresearchSDGDevelopment of new organic reaction system for green chemistryAssociate ProfessorShinichi KoguchiUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of Chemistry65

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