TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Our research topics are materials and devices that exhibit functions related to light, such as phosphors and solar cells. By combining of rare earth elements, we synthesis up-conversion phosphors that is excited by infrared rays and emits visible light. Perovskite solar cells are strongly expected as next-generation solar cells because the energy required for manufacturing is small. We are working on the production of lightweight and flexible solar cells by making the electrode film of perovskite solar cells at low temperature.ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Fluorescent material■Solar cells■Photo-functional materials■Ceramics■Solution synthesis processRelatedresearchSDGSynthesis and fabrication of photo-functional inorganic materials and devicesAssociate ProfessorKoji TomitaUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of ChemistryWe are developing the technology for purication of waste water containing nitrogen compounds using catalysis and photocatalysis. In particular, we focus on the reduction of nitrate over bimetallic catalyst and the photocatalytic oxidation of ammonia and organic nitrogen compounds. We try to develop the technology that not only removes the target substance but also converts it into a useful substance and that can be used as a source of clean energy.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords■Catalyst■Photocatalyst■Water purication■Nitrate■AmmoniaRelatedresearchSDGDevelopment of water purication technology using catalytic reactionAssociate ProfessorIkko MikamiUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of ChemistryIn cells, proteins synthesized as sequential strings of amino acids exert the biological activities only when they fold into the unique 3D structures. To articially control the protein folding, we are focusing on development of bioredox active small-molecules and peptides containing sulfur, selenium, and tellurium, i.e., chalcogen elements, as a mimick of protein disulde isomerism that catalyzes protein folding in both cells and test tubes. Currently, three topics, (1) biophysics relevant to protein structures, (2) Organic syntheses of enzyme models promoting protein folding, and (3) practical application of the synthesized compounds to controlling protein folding/unfolding, are mainly underway.ResearchAreasInformaticsKeywords■Biophysical chemistry■Chemical Biology■Organic synthesis■Protein science■Flow chemistryRelatedresearchSDGControlling bioredox and protein folding reactions by using articial organic compoundsJunior Associate ProfessorKenta AraiUndergraduate School of ScienceDepartment of Chemistry66

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