TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

We have aimed to develop human sensing technologies for daily-use devices, and we have focused on two topics: eye-tracking and vibroacoustic sensing for the human body. In eye-tracking, scene information is extracted from a reection on the corneal surface. Therefore, the focused object can be detected using the undistorted scene image generated using corneal reection. In vibroacoustic sensing, vibrations are emitted to the human body using an oscillator mounted on the body, and the joint angle, hand pose, and contact force of the ngertips are estimated. ResearchAreasInformaticsKeywords■Eye Tracking■Vibroacoustic SensingRelatedresearchSDGHuman Sensing Technology for User InterfacesProfessorKentaro TakemuraUndergraduate School of Information Science and TechnologyDepartment of Applied Computer Engineering71

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