TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Interested in creating molecular probes that can be used to visualize cellular events, and in application of such in investigating viral or microbial infection process. Developing new biological sensing method is one of current projects. ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Glycan processing■Carbohydrate chemistry■Golgi apparatus■Analytical methodsRelatedresearchSDGInvestigation of functions of glycoconjugates by using synthesized molecular probesProfessorOsamu KanieUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied BiochemistryPeptides and proteins are polymeric molecules of amino acids, and are involved in many life phenomena. In my laboratory, we focus on the life phenomena in animals controlled with peptide hormones, and try to clarify those molecular mechanisms through peptide chemical synthesis. Especially, to aim the improvement of the aquaculture technology, we focus on sex dierentiation and maturation in Invertebrate animals such as crustaceans and echinoderms that are known to be controlled with peptide hormones, and synthetic studies of those peptides are now in progress.ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Peptide synthesis□Peptide hormone□Organic chemistry□Crustacean endocrinologyRelatedresearchSDGStudies on molecular mechanisms of various life phenomena through the peptide chemical synthesisAssociate ProfessorHidekazu KatayamaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied BiochemistryGene mutations sometimes cause human genetic diseases. Many of these diseases have no known cause and no cure, and there is a great need to nd a solution to this problem. In order to investigate how genetic mutations cause diseases, it is essential to analyze animal models that have the genetic abnormalities equivalent to humans. We are investigating the molecular mechanism of muscular dystrophy with the aim of developing future treatments for the disease by introducing genetic abnormalities into zebrash through genetic engineering.ResearchAreasBiologyKeywords■Muscular dystrophy■Zebrash■Disease model■Genetic engineering■Genome editingRelatedresearchSDGElucidation of the disease mechanism of neuromuscular diseases and development of therapyAssociate ProfessorHiroaki MitsuhashiUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied Biochemistry74

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