TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

To obtain optimum condition for Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) process, much experimentally trial-and error is needed and much industrial resources are wasted. The aim of my research is to model CVD process on minimum experiments and to develop a computer simulation technique for obtaining optimum conditions of CVD based on reaction engineering. By recreating the chemistry of ancient Egyptian and medieval Andean civilizations, the knowledge of history of chemistry is obtained. Development of method of eective teaching and learning in science education for children and adults. ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Chemical reaction engineering■Reaction engineering■CVD■Science education■History of chemistryRelatedresearchSDGReaction engineering of CVD Chemistry of Ancient Egypt and Andean civilizations Eective Teaching and Learning in Science EducationProfessorYasunobu AkiyamaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied ChemistryNanometer, equals to 0.000000001 meter, is a unit of length in the small world. There are a lot of kinds of polymers used in our daily life, including versatile polymers and bio-friendly polymers. Making use of the knowledge in polymer chemistry and physics, Okamura Laboratory focuses on the development of innovative, facile and straightforward methods in fabricating two-dimensional polymer nanomaterials (nanosheet, nanodisc, nanoribbon, etc.). Such polymer nanomaterials hold the unique geometries with a larger surface area in two-dimensional contact manner to induce enhanced interfacial adhesiveness. Based on this style, our research is dedicated to the improvement of human health, medical care, and global environment.ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Biomaterials■Nanosheet■Nanoparticles■Nanobers■Bio-friendly polymersRelatedresearchSDGFabrication of 2D Nanobiomaterials for Biomedical ApplicationsProfessorYosuke OkamuraUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied ChemistryA number of metals take up considerable amounts of several gases and form chemical compounds. They possess functionally interesting characteristics by their interaction with gases either gaseous or electrochemically as; the available energy exchange devise or charrier, energy storage media, or catalyst of the molecule to atom reactions. The gas-solid reaction processes are in focus including: crystal structure, thermodynamic characteristics, kinetic behaviours, and physical / chamical properties. ResearchAreasChemistryKeywords■Gas-solid reaction□Powder metallurgy■Metal hydridesRelatedresearchSDGA novel synthesis oProfessorMasashi SatoUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Applied Chemistry75

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