TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

My research interest is in the eld of radiation biology and X-ray imaging of biomedical specimens. In the study of radiation biology, we examine DNA damage induced by heavy ions which now attract great concern in cancer radiotherapy. Biological eects of low dose X-rays is also in my research scope. On the X-ray imaging, our eort to apply molecular imaging of biomedical specimens is focused on the high-resolution mapping of DNA and protein in biological cells.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeywords□Radiation□Medical application□Biological eects■X-ray imagingRelatedresearchSDGBiomedical application of X-rays and heavy ionsProfessorAtsushi ItoUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Nuclear EngineeringA large part of spent nuclear fuel from power plants comprised of uranium and plutonium, which is recyclable as nuclear fuel. In order to utilize nuclear energy as one of the sustainable energy sources, it is necessary to recover uranium and plutonium and to separate and stabilize ssion products as the waste. Fission products consists of over twenty of elements and mutual separation of such elements is one of the important research matters.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing■Waste Treatment■Separation ChemistryRelatedresearchSDGSeparation chemistry for recycling of spent nuclear fuelsAssociate ProfessorNoriko AsanumaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Nuclear EngineeringIn engineering student education, in addition to the conventional learning of data analysis and equipment control, educational research that incorporates information technology is desired. Regarding the latter device control, peripheral technologies related to information communication technology and programming have been completed, and it is advancing as a Web application such as IoT for remote monitoring and control. All of these are automation of processing via a computer. Furthermore, depending on the target of automatic monitoring and control, monitoring data from the IoT as a terminal is used for data analysis.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords□Expert system■Electrical insulation diagnostics□Smart homeRelatedresearchSDGIoT implementationProfessorRyuichiro OhyamaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic EngineeringHeavy ion induces DNA damagein mammalian cell nuclei along an iontrack as indicated by a white arrow. 77

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