TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

We focus on engineering applications of the multiphase ow including gas, liquid and solid. Numerical study with in-house program is conducted for the flow analysis by using computational uid dynamics, discrete element method, coupling analysis and so on. In more detail, multiphase ows related to food, medicine, automobile, aerospace and infrastructure are investigated by collaborative researches with industries, research institutes and ministries.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Multiphase ow■Fluid mechanics■Computational uid dynamics■Coupled analysis■Computational scienceRelatedresearchSDGEngineering application of multiphase ows based on numerical studyAssociate ProfessorShun TakahashiUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Prime Mover EngineeringUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Prime Mover EngineeringWe are studying thermoacoustic phenomena for the purpose of reusing waste heat. Using thermoacoustic phenomena makes it possible to generate electricity and to cool from waste heat. Thermoacoustic devices have the following features;〇 They are maintenance-free because they have no moving parts such as pistons.〇 They can realize cooling / power generation by using various heat sources.〇 They have high energy conversion eciency.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Thermoacoustic phenomena■Electroacoustics□Nonequilibrium thermodynamicsRelatedresearchSDGStudy of thermoacoustic phenomenonAssociate ProfessorShinya HasegawaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Prime Mover EngineeringOur research themes are elemental technologies such as hybrid vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV), and leading-edge technologies such as futuristic vehicles. Currently, we focus on battery management control and battery degradation analysis by statistical methods. News of lithium-ion batteries that re when your smartphone emits smoke shows that commercial batteries are still having problems of the management control. By leveraging the strengths of university research and making breakthroughs in familiar issues, we will take on the next stage with cutting-edge articial intelligence (AI) technologies such as deep learning algorithms and change the world.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Energy storage■Management Control□EV(Electric Vehicle)□HEV(Hybrid Electric Vehicle)□AI(Articial Intelligence)RelatedresearchSDGBattery Management Control and Battery Deterioration Analysis with Statistical MethodProfessorToshiyuki Sakamoto84

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