TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Research and develop power transmission elements and systems with using traction / friction drive. They include fundamental test, simulation, test rig and real vehicle collaborating with companies.ResearchAreasInterdisciplinary science and engineeringKeywords■Power transmission■Traction drive■Electric vehicle■TribologyRelatedresearchSDGHigh speed transmission for electric vehicle. Fundamental technology of Belt CVTs. New invented clutch Free bearing.Associate ProfessorTakeshi YamamotoWe are aiming to reveal the underlying physics of turbulent flows and turbulent combustion by combining numerical simulation and experimentation. For high-accuracy prediction of turbulent flows, we attempt to clarify mechanisms of energy cascades in turbulence and to develop turbulence model for large eddy simulation. For the purposes of enhancing heat transfer and reducing friction drag, we are performing shape optimization of thermo-fluid systems. We conduct direct numerical simulation of turbulent combustion with detailed chemical kinetics to develop effective and low emission combustors, such as SI and HCCI engines.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Turbulence■Turbulent Combustion■Optimal Control and Design■Computational Fluid Dynamics■Eective Energy UtilizationRelatedresearchSDGToward the development of ecient and low emission thermo-uid systemsJunior Associate ProfessorNaoya FukushimaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Prime Mover EngineeringUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Prime Mover EngineeringMy research focuses on development of advanced, compact, lightweight engines utilizing new plasma sources with either uv-LEDs or lasers for space propulsion applications. Novel mechanisms of the acceleration are being developed, tested and evaluated either experimentally or theoretically.ResearchAreasEngineeringKeywords■Space propulsion■Laser propulsion■Ion engine■Plasma acceleratorRelatedresearchSDGAdvanced plasma propulsion systemProfessorHideyuki HorisawaUndergraduate School of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics and Astronautics - Aerospace courseDirect Numerical Simulation of Wall Turbulenceat High Reynolds NumberDirect Numerical Simulation of Propagation of Turbulent Premixed Flamein a Constant Volume Vesselzxy(0< < yyy+y++yy<6060)(60<

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