TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Center/Research Institute133-■ Center for Liberal Arts■ Institute of Advanced Biosciences■ International Education Center■ Center for Educational Research and Development■ IT Education Center■ Sports Medical Science Research Institute■ Professional Licensing Training Center■ Research Institute of Agriculture■ Liberal Arts Education Center, Takanawa Campus■ Okinawa Regional Research Center■ Liberal Arts Education Center, Shimizu Campus■ Research Institute of Science and Technology■ Liberal Arts Education Center, Kyushu Campuses■ Tokai University Research and Information Center (TRIC)■ Liberal Arts Education Center, Sapporo Campus■ Social Science Research Institute■ Institute of Civilization Research■ Strategic Peace and International Aairs Research Institute■ Institute of Oceanic Research and Development■ Micro/Nano Technology Center■ Institute of Medical Sciences■ Global Research Institute of Nuclear Energy, Tokai University (GRINE)Undergraduate School of …PageDepartment of …Marine Science and Technology95-■ Maritime Civilizations■ Environmental and Societal Aairs■ Marine and Earth Science■ Fisheries - Applied Biological Science■ Fisheries - Food Science■ Marine Biology■ Navigation and Ocean Engineering - Navigation■ Navigation and Ocean Engineering - Ocean EngineeringMedicine103-■ Faculty of Medicine■ Faculty of NursingHealth Sciences─■ Nursing■ Social WorkBusiness Administration ─■ Business Administration■ Tourism ManagementIndustrial and Welfare Engineering─■ Electrical Engineering and Computer Science■ Medical Care and Welfare EngineeringAgriculture123-■ Plant Science■ Animal Science■ BioscienceInternational Cultural Relations127-■ Community Development■ International Communications■ Design and CultureBiological Sciences129-■ Biology■ Marine Biology and Sciences7

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