TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Virtual Reality is one of human interface technologies using human senses. My research interests consist of 2 parts. One is human behavior and ecological cognition based on cognitive science in virtual space. Virtual reality sickness is also important research theme in this eld. I try to clarify the relationship between the sickness and variation of vital signals. The other is an application of virtual reality, especially, for medical application. My lab. have developed the virtual simulator for nursing education which can be used for various training exercises.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeyword■Virtual Reality■Cognitive Science■Human Interface■Medical Image ProcessingRelatedresearchSDGStudy on medical application of virtual realityProfessorKazuhiko HamamotoUndergraduate School of Information and Telecommunication EngineeringDepartment of Information Media TechnologyBy examining the mechanism of the human brain, we can develop a more exible system than the conventional one. It is possible to make use of this for the early diagnosis of brain diseases such as dementia.The eyes are “the windows of the mind,” in the words of the Japanese proverb. At our laboratory, we study how visual information is processed and understood by examining the movement the ophthalmography of the eyes when they view or look at certain objects. Based on the above research, we are studying a method of producing an easy-to-understand TV program and Internet home page, the evaluation of high resolution image, the development of a diagnostic technique for dementia and to clarify the skill that the professional person accomplishes his/her work skillfully by analyzing their eye movements. We are also developing three-dimensional TV and studying three-dimensional human vision by analyzing the binocular eye movements. ResearchAreasInformaticsKeyword■Eye movement■Image quality■Human interface■Stereoscopic display■Visual psychologyRelatedresearchSDGImage quality evaluation and human interface based on eye movementsProfessorMitsuho YamadaUndergraduate School of Information and Telecommunication EngineeringDepartment of Information Media TechnologyUndergraduate School of Information and Telecommunication EngineeringDepartment of Information Media TechnologyI am interested in neural mechanisms underlying perception, expertise, and emotion. For example, intuition is one of characteristic properties in an expert in cognitive domains, and chess master can generate the best move very quickly without reasoning. We also respect toward such expert. In my current neuroimaging studies (Nakatani et al, 2019, 2020), I found that the anterior part of the temporal region of the brain was associated with feeling of respect.ResearchAreasInformaticsKeyword■Cognitive brain science■Neuroimaging■Perception■Emotion■ExpertiseRelatedresearchSDGNeural mechanisms underlying cognitive functions and emotionsJunior Associate ProfessorHironori Nakatani90

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