TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

Over 30 years have passed since my field research in Papua New Guinea that is undergoing signicant social change, and interventions of the modern market economy and the penetration of the cash economy had a strong impact on remote areas. We, anthropologists, biologists and oceanographers, are working together with the people of remote areas to determine how to respond to the growing concern that environmental change with the modernization of Western Europe.ResearchAreasHumanities/Social sciencesKeyword■Social Anthropology□Climate Change and Anthropology□Ethnographies■Papua New GuineaRelatedresearchSDGTransdisciplinary research on climate change in Papua New GuineaProfessorIppei KawasakiUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime CivilizationsWe are engaged in research on regional development utilizing resources unique to the region such as hot springs, marine environment and culture. Through joint research with some local governments, we are exploring ideas that will improve the attractiveness of the region and lead to an increase in tourists. In addition, we are participating in the project to verify the eects of hot springs by the Ministry of the Environment.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeyword■Regionology■Tourism■Hot springs■Health■EnvironmentRelatedresearchSDGRegional promotion, Marine environment, Hot springsProfessorMasaki SaitoUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime CivilizationsIzumi Seki is a sociologist, specializes in shing community sociology with Ph.D. from Hokkaido University, Japan. Her research interests focus on life, culture, and people's activities in shing communities and researches shing communities throughout Japan. She has been focusing on the possibility of regional tourism as a new industry in the region, and entrepreneurial activities that have been activated mainly by women in shing communities. She also supports the creation of the network for women in shing communities to exchange information on entrepreneurial activities and the advancement of women in the community.ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeyword■Gender■Fishing community■Social capital■Regional activationRelatedresearchSDGIssues of Senior Citizen Support Activities by women in Fishing CommunitiesProfessorIzumi SekiUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime Civilizations96

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