TOKAI UNIVERSITY Researchers Guide 2020

My key research interests are in the eld of marine and coastal management with focus on stakeholders’ view, including value of marine ecosystem services and biodiversity, perception of seafood safety, and attitudes toward human intervention on coastal environment.ResearchAreasComplex systemsKeyword■Human-nature relationship■Marine and coastal management■Value of marine ecosystem services■Social impact by harmful algal blooms■Seafood safetyRelatedresearchSDGPolicy study on integrated marine and coastal managementProfessorKazumi WakitaUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime CivilizationsHer research interests are the international community's challenges to achieve conservation and sustainable use of the marine ecosystem, focusing on regime eectiveness and institutional interplay. She has analyzed factors to explain Japan and other countries' responses to international negotiation to manage cetaceans and other marine living resources. Regarding the international whaling debate, she has been trying to elucidate factors to explain the long-standing stalemate at the International Whaling Commission between pro- and anti-whaling forces. Simultaneously, she has been researching how the ecosystem approach has been translated into practical management measures in Japan's national sheries laws and policy. ResearchAreasSocial sciencesKeyword■Ocean Governance■Environmental Policy■Fisheries Governance■Polar DiplomacyRelatedresearchSDGRegime eectiveness and institutional interplay in global ocean governanceAssociate ProfessorAyako OkuboUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime CivilizationsDr. Maruyama is a Zooarcheologist studying on the relationship between human and animals through the analysis of animal remains excavated from archaeological sites and heritage. His recent research interests include the utilization of domesticated animals like horses, cattle, pigs, and chickens by the royal authorities during the Kofun Period, in ancient Japan and the archaeological study of diet relying on animal resources during the Edo Period in Japan.ResearchAreasHumanitiesKeyword■Zooarchaeology□Food culture□East Asia Archaeology□Domestication of animalsRelatedresearchSDGZooarchaeology in East AsiaAssociate ProfessorMasashi MaruyamaUndergraduate School of Marine Science and TechnologyDepartment of Maritime Civilizations97

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