About Tokai

About Tokai

Mission and Philosophy

Education to Strive in the Modern World, Based on Founder's Teachings and Our Founding Philosophy

Tokai University Educational Mission Based on Our Founding Philosophy

An Education Designed to Foster Personnel with the Ability to Create a Harmonious Civilization

Science benefits us in myriad ways. In the wrong hands though, science can also be used to cause immeasurable harm to the human race. The future of nations and the human race depends on how we choose to use our scientific knowledge.
Tokai University founder Shigeyoshi Matsumae understood this dilemma. It informed his mission to promote the cultivation of ideas and principles in young people. He was dedicated to using education as the platform for rebuilding Japan as a peaceful nation.
In today's increasingly globalized world, we encounter different ideas and value systems on a regular basis. In this time of rapid change and development, we are faced with complex and difficult issues that require us to turn our gaze outwards to the world.
It is a time when we must be resolute in our ideas and principles, broad-minded enough to appreciate other perspectives, and above all motivated by a strong moral ethic and sense of fairness and equity. The principles on which Tokai University was first founded holds even greater importance today.
We provide education that equips personnel with autonomy and creativity to support and bring positive change in the rapidly changing modern world. In this way, Tokai University strives to contribute to the creation of a harmonious society where all can live together in peace, in line with the philosophy of our founder Shigeyoshi Matsumae.

Core Educational Ideals

Independent thinking

Rather than just absorbing knowledge and learning new skills, students are encouraged to develop the capacity for independent, autonomous and humanistic engagement with broad topics associated with people, societies, history, global issues and human civilization.

Extending the capabilities of every student

Tokai University is dedicated to helping each and every student reach their full potential so that they can prepare for a complex world.

A broad knowledge base integrating literature and science, coupled with a broad-minded global outlook

As a combined education and research institution with a comprehensive knowledge base integrating literature and science, Tokai University provides students with a broad-minded global outlook in order to encourage appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

The Four Key Abilities

Tokai University is dedicated in cultivating four key abilities which, complemented by academic learning and experience, helps produce well-rounded individuals with the ability to make a positive contribution to the world.

Education Opportunities at Tokai University Education Opportunities at Tokai University

The Ability to Think Independently

Identifying the issues and challenges of the future

The ability to think independently, the core skill that underpins all others, can be broken down into three skills: learning in order to identify the optimum approach to gathering information; thinking in order to sort fact from fiction and identify the essence of the problem; and investigation in order to define the root cause of the problem.

The Ability to Connect with Others

Learning to work effectively as part of a team

The ability to connect with others in the modern world broadly encompasses the ability to build positive relationships, communicate effectively with people from a range of different backgrounds, to construct one's identity within a team and finally, to work constructively with others to achieve a common goal.

The Ability to Tackle Challenges

Courage in the face of adversity

The ability to tackle challenges is predicated on the confidence that comes with having the skills to correctly identify key issues, design practical and realistic solutions, and plan and execute processes to successful completion. Importantly, these are the same skills that we use in work and our everyday lives.

The Ability to Accomplish Goals

Perseverance and dedication to keep going in the face of failure and defeat

The ability to accomplish goals encompasses skills such as planning in order to ensure that strategies remain focused on the main goal; project management in order to ensure strategies are executed efficiently and effectively; and analysis in order to identify potential improvements and modifications in line with changing circumstances.