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*Due to the damages caused by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, classes of the Undergraduate and Graduate School of Agriculture is temporarily held at the Kumamoto Campus instead of the Aso Campus except for some field work activities.

Course of Agricultural Sciences

Developing a Strong Agricultural Knowledge that Anticipates the Era and Contributes to Biological Production


Thanks to rapid advances in the life sciences in recent years, we now have a vastly improved understanding of the universal phenomena of life that are applicable to all species, as well as the diversity of organisms and characteristics of specific organisms. This in turn has led to new understandings in biotechnology fields such as genetic engineering, protein engineering and cellular engineering.

The result is spectacular technological innovation in the agricultural sector and a slew of new applications such as the development of useful biologic functions and the identification and use of untapped resources. The Graduate School of Agriculture has compiled a curriculum that leads this innovation. The curriculum is augmented by additional instruction in the form of research projects and workshops closely linked to biological production, which are provided in conjunction with the Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, which is part of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.

Admission Policy

Applicants are expected to demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives of the Graduate School of Agriculture in terms of developing researchers and engineers with interdisciplinary training that combines advanced specialization and a general breadth of understanding with the capacity to make a contribution to biological production and the life sciences based on the understanding of organisms' various functions.

Key Research Topics

  • Ecology of Hydrometra Albolineata and Hydrometra Annamana in Paddy Fields and Their Significance as Indicators
  • How feeding regimes can influence the behavior of zoo animals and the perceptions of visitors
  • Effect of igusa powder feeding on growth, meat productivity and fat deposition in broiler chickens
  • Anti-oxidation characteristics of phenol sulfate
  • X-ray analysis of crystal structure of NAD (P) H dependent carbonyl reductase specifically manifested in fatty chicken liver and functional analysis of variants S159A, Y178F and K182M
  • Purification and Structural Analysis of Antibacterial Protein from Soft-Shelled Turtle Eggs

Affiliated Graduate SchoolsGraduate School of Agriculture (Master's Program)

The Graduate School of Agriculture has set up an affiliated graduate school in conjunction with the Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, part of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, which engages in education and research activities tailored to the times.

Graduate students are enrolled at the Graduate School of Agriculture where they take courses in subjects that are necessary for completion of the course. For the research component of the course, students are taught by researchers (who are instructors from the affiliated graduate school) at the Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, where they have access to the latest equipment and facilities.