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    Life Sciences

High-level Bioscience Research Across Multiple Disciplines


Recent developments in bioscience have yielded many new insights into the characteristics of organisms and how they function, while also providing us with spectacular technological advances in the area of bioproduction. The Graduate School of Bioscience teaches research techniques for the full range of organisms at all levels, from molecules to organisms and colonies, by researchers with comprehensive research backgrounds. To improve internal communication and promote joint research initiatives, two programs have been combined: Bioscience Resources, which explores applications of bioscience such as production, and Life Sciences, which focuses on core research fields, in particular, the mechanisms of life. The Graduate School of Bioscience is also involved in high-level cross-discipline joint research projects in conjunction with the Graduate School of Science and Technology Life Science and Engineering program and the Graduate School of Earth and Environmental Science.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives of the Graduate School of Bioscience, namely, to equip graduates to become bioscience researchers and engineers with the capacity to identify key challenges for the future of humankind and human civilization and to develop autonomous and ethically sound bioscience solutions. They should also hold a deep global awareness and comprehensive judgment skills.

Key Research Topics

  • Identifying the negative physiological impacts of soybean oilcake fish feed substances on aquaculture species and implementing improvements as necessary
  • Developing biochemistry models for the enzyme reaction mechanisms of glycosol hydrolase lysozymes