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Course of Earth and Environmental Science

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    Space-based Planetary Observation Systems Engineering

Nurturing Personnel Who can Contribute to the Future Environment and Human Civilization


Until the last century, the human race used science and technology to pursue a paradigm of mass production, consumption and waste that has rapidly transformed our planetary ecosystem that has supported life for the last 3.8 billion years. This is evidenced by problems such as global warming and dwindling energy resources that we are grappling with today. For the sake of our future security and the sustainability of humankind, we must establish a new discipline of earth and environmental studies that integrates existing skills and knowledge systems in the disciplines of science, engineering, agriculture, and fisheries and oceanography and construct new fields such as global ecosystems, life sciences and earth observation. The Graduate School of Earth and Environmental Science pursues global interdisciplinary cutting-edge advanced scientific research with a broad outlook. The School is dedicated to producing highly capable and innovative researchers with the skills to address the key environmental and social issues of the 21st century.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives of the Graduate School of Earth and Environmental Science, namely, to produce highly capable and innovative researchers and graduates with the skills to pursue highly specialized careers who are equipped with a global interdisciplinary perspective. They should also hold an integrated disciplinary breadth of knowledge that is necessary to tackle major environmental and social issues in the 21st century with a broad outlook.

Key Research Topics

  • Tailoring aquaculture conditions to the baiting ecology of larva of breeding species
  • Genetic research on the biodiversity implications of changes in plant cultivation systems and environmental conditions
  • Design and analysis of surface latent heat flux product based on global ocean surface satellite observations
  • Research on ocean carbon circulation models