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Course of Applied Economics

Practical Applied Economics Designed Specifically for Teachers and Instructors


This course provides an introduction to economics and the basic theories and research methodologies of economics studies, exploring the historical background and theoretical doctrines of economics, and investigating a number of tangentially related fields and disciplines through a combination of workshops and lectures. As an extension of this exploration, there is a high-level research component that involves graduates working closely with instructors to develop innovative ideas and approaches, along with in-depth research projects undertaken on an individual basis. Through an intensive study of applied economics, graduates learn about key principles in the public sphere, in particular, the design and execution of government policy, as well as key principles in the private sector, such as new business startups, sales management, quality control and organizational development issues to become personnel to be able to contribute to those fields.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives of the Course of Applied Economics, namely, to acquire multifaceted interdisciplinary knowledge and perspectives along with scientific skills and techniques for gathering and analyzing information as a means of exploring economic and business phenomena; to develop an ability to form accurate and objective insights and to identify and address key issues in the economic policy and management decision-making spaces; and finally, to achieve active leadership skills and qualities.

Key Research Topics

  • Using matching theory to evaluate models of the school selection system
  • Mechanism to support high repayment rates of Thai BAAC
  • Service delivery standards in hospitals
  • White-collar employment consciousness at Japanese firms in Taiwan
  • Employment continuity and job hopping at Japanese firms overseas