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Course of Law

Curriculum That Cultivates High Professionalism and Covers a Wide Range of Needs


The Course of Law provides training for future educators and researchers as well as legal professionals and leading legal consultants and advisors. The curriculum is designed to suit those already in the workforce who are looking to undertake further study as well as international students. It provides a broad education in the legal system by covering a wide range of legal subjects in considerable depth, while also allowing extensive scope for specialization in specific areas. The Master's program includes a number of specialized subjects from the Undergraduate School of Law that in combination provide a comprehensive grounding for those who have not completed an undergraduate course in legal studies.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the Course of Law learning objectives, namely, of providing a highly specialized and advanced grounding in the law as a means of contributing to society as well as a broad academic grounding for legal professionals.

Key Research Topics

  • On Gustav Radbruch and the Radbruch formula
  • On the creation of laws—lessons from evolutionary biology
  • Arguments and observations on extending voting rights to non-Japanese nationals
  • On consumption tax and bookkeeping requirements
  • On income tax law and the simplified tax system
  • Considering income classifications for profits associated with stock options
  • The notion of fair compensation as per Article 9-1 of the Consumer Contract Law
  • Retrospective application of offset and a fresh look at the law of obligations
  • Criminal law and victims—focusing on victim's participation in the system
  • International restrictions on open sea fishing and the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea