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School of Physical Education

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Course of Physical Education

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Physical education is the study of the correlation between the human body and physical activity along with associated concepts and outcomes. As such, physical education is closely linked to sociology and the humanities and natural sciences. As an academic discipline, it has diversified beyond the conventional parameters of training programs for students and adults to encompass the related fields of sport, leisure and recreation, and industry and business management. The Graduate School of Physical Education is designed for those who wish to pursue further research in physical education, sport and general health, and for those seeking rewarding professional careers as health and physical education teachers, sports instructors, or sport and leisure managers.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives at the Graduate School of Physical Education, namely the study of the science behind physical education, sport and health subjects and the acquisition of a strong sense of creativity and an international outlook along with the skills to display “basic functions" in a range of related societies and fields.

Key Research Topics

  • Teacher awareness of the link between lifestyle choices / life enhancement and blood hemoglobin count in high school students
  • Identifying genetic polymorphisms that define competitive skills in judo athletes
  • Correlation between physical activity and environmental factors in male workers
  • Biomechanical correlation between full body sensorimotor synchronization skill and academic outcomes