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Course of Science and Technology

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A World-leading Research Environment


Science and technology is becoming increasingly broad in scope, while retaining its core areas such as the life sciences, ICT, the environment, and materials and energy. Japan boasts an advanced research infrastructure across many academic disciplines, which has generated a number of world-leading innovations in advanced manufacturing technology over the years. In order to maintain our cutting-edge, future-focused research programs that are relevant on the global stage and nurture innovative personnel with leadership potential, we need a broad-based and inclusive teaching and research environment that transcends the traditional boundaries between academic disciplines. To this end, the Graduate School of Science and Technology provides a single broad-based major in science and technology that does not require specialization in any particular field. The School offers eight programs across a wide range of areas including science, engineering and oceanography. This provides the foundation for the university's world-leading, cutting-edge academic research programs that span multiple disciplines and views their relation in complex ways, as well as tuition programs designed to produce internationally equipped researchers.

Admission Policy

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study and an appreciation of the learning objectives of the Graduate School of Science and Technology, namely, to pursue cutting-edge research with international relevance and to produce researchers, engineers and international consultants who are equipped with a broad global outlook, excellent judgment, a strong sense of humanity, and the capacity to act as leaders in their respective fields.

Key Research Topics

  • Studies on Current Distribution in Water Circumference under Air-Phase Spark Discharge
  • Skid Control of Small Electric Vehicles with In-Wheel Motors
  • Structure and function of new proteins in chicken egg albumen
  • Analysis of carbohydrate chain binding selectivity of C-type lectin receptor SIGNR1 using artificial glycolipids
  • Study of irreversible transport phenomena in temperature gradient water-soluble molecules
  • Quantum theory of two-dimensional electron systems acting in the presence of high magnetic field