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School of Tourism

(first year at Shonan campus, next three years at Yoyogi campus)

Key features

  1. Comprehensive curriculum covering the four main fields of tourism, such as Service Management
  2. Acquire key skills and competencies for careers in the tourism sector and help shape the future of tourism
  3. Develop real-world English skills and study a second language (choice of six languages)

Message from the Dean

Professor Nobuyuki Iwahashi

  • Department: Tourism
  • Specializations: Regional tourism business management, tourism resources

Tourism is without doubt a hugely important part of Japanese economic growth. The tourism sector increasingly needs highly capable, university-educated leaders with a breadth of knowledge along with specialized skills to carry the industry forward. Utilizing the extensive resources of Tokai University with its many different departments, the School of Tourism provides first year introductory and background subjects at Shonan campus, with specialized subjects in the second and subsequent years taught at the Yoyogi campus. The central metropolitan location enables a varied and stimulating program of guest speakers from the tourism sector. Come and see the exciting career prospects available in the tourism industry.

Admission criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to self-motivated study along with an appreciation of and a desire to attain the learning objectives of the School of Tourism as follows. The School is dedicated to nurturing the development innovative graduates equipped with the knowledge and understanding of culture, society, natural diversity and tourism attractions and resources; the ability to identify and address issues and devise creative solutions; excellent communication and presentation skills in multiple languages, typically Japanese and English, along with a suite of other universally relevant skills and competencies; the ability to collaborate cooperatively and work in an autonomous and self-directed manner, along with other basic skills needed to perform effectively in society armed with a university degree; and the capacity to make an effective contribution to the tourism and service industries as well as research in related fields.

Department of Tourism

Key features

  1. Extensive curriculum
  2. Tailored to the way you want to learn
  3. Extensive fieldwork component

You decide whether you want to take a broad-based approach or specialize in a particular field of interest

Department of Tourism

The tourism sector encompasses a variety of areas including travel, leisure and urban design. The extensive curriculum offered by the Department of Tourism is structured into four subject groups: Tourism and Culture, Services and Management, Leisure and Recreation, and Regional Design. You can choose to concentrate on one particular subject group or to tackle multiple subject groups. In other words, you can tailor the curriculum to suit your personal learning preferences. There are also plenty of fieldwork and training opportunities where you get to see and experience what it's like to work in the tourism industry in real life.