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Tokai University Educational System (TES) KOYU-KAI <Alumni Association>

A meta-organization for supporting TES

The Tokai University Educational System (TES) KOYU-KAI is a meta-organization for supporting TES. The organization is composed of support, parent, alumni, and other associations of Tokai University, Tokai Junior Colleges, and affiliated schools. This holistic organization embodies the TES view that excellent results in education require the cooperation of schools, parents, and alumni. Various organizations in each region work together to support the education and research activities of students.

Alumni associations

The Tokai University Alumni Association, a core organization of the TES KOYU-KAI, was established in 1945 and now boasts a membership of 360,000. The association has 63 branches in Japan and 12 overseas (Bulgaria, Denmark, Hong Kong and South China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Shanghai, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hawaii (US)). There also are alumni associations by school, department, extracurricular activity, and place of employment. To help alumni to keep in close contact with each other, Tokai University hosts homecoming events every year, helps them find or change jobs, issues Tokai credit cards with various privileges, and provides a range of other services. Admission office entrance examinations are available to children of TES.

Branch Chairperson Website / Facebook
Bulgaria Ms. B.R Stanoylovich Not available
Denmark Mr. Sam Kondo Steffensen Not available
Hong Kong/South China Mr. Takuya Sasaki Not available
Indonesia Dr. Ir. Marzan Aziz Iskandar
Malaysia Dr. M. Danial Ibrahim
Russia Mr. Vladimir Ovsyannikov Not available
Shanghai Mr. Naoyuki Banba
Singapore Mr. Takuji Urano
South Korea Mr. Tae Heung Kim
Taiwan Mr. His-I Cheng Not available
Thailand Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wisut Titiroongruang
Hawaii (US) Mr. Tooru Nagayama Not available